Thursday, August 26, 2010

UV makeup: Kryolan vs. Wolfe

UV makeup sounds fun, doesn't it?!
But if you've ever used it, you probably know that it can be a bit of a pain to work with!

Are all neon colors hard to work with?
Or are some better than others?

I got a hold of two different types of UV neon makeup, so let me start by showing you what they look like!

Top row: Kryolan UV colors
Bottom row: Wolfe face art & FX UV colors

How they work
Both the Kryolan and Wolfe colors are super bright neon colors that glow under black light! They can be used as bases for other colors or even on their own for a super bright look :D

Both products are water activated, which means that you need to use them wet.
Using water activated products like the Mehron colors isn't hard at all, but for some reason, the neon colors are a lot harder to work with!

The main problem? Figuring out exactly how much water you need to get the consistency just right!

Which one applies better?
If you look at the swatch picture above, you'll see that the Kryolan colors look brighter but also seem to go on more streaky.
The Wolfe colors look a bit more sheer but not streaky at all.
However, once you apply them to the eye, it's a different story!!

The colors in the Wolfe palette may look like they apply streak-free in the swatch, but because they're more sheer, you'd want to apply another layer to really get the neon effect. The problem with that is, that when you apply another layer on top of the Wolfe colors, they get really, really streaky really easily and you end up with a bit of a mess. Sure, it's doable, but it takes time and practice! (and honestly, I always prefer to use some kind of pressed shadow on top of these to get the colors perfectly even!)

The colors in the Kryolan palette were a bit easier to work with, though still not beginner products, IMO! They were more pigmented than the Wolfe colors, and I could even apply more than one layer without it getting super streaky!

Black light!
Unfortunately, I don't have black light to test out whether one of these are better at glowing under black light than the other, but I have seen the Wolfe colors glow before, so at least I know they work! ;)
I just love how bright all of these are in regular light as well!

Which one would I recommend?
The Kryolan palette is generally a bit more expensive than the Wolfe one, but it might be worth the extra $$ depending on what you want to use these for.

If you're looking to use the neon colors as bases, I find the Wolfe palette works just as well as Kryolan.
However, if you want super bright neon colors on your eyes without dulling them down with regular eyeshadows on top, I'd go for the Kryolan palette, since I found that one easier to apply without getting streaky!

I'm actually thinking about buying a Kryolan palette for myself even tough I already have the Wolfe palette!

Where to get the palettes

I bought the Wolfe palette from a Danish site that I don't remember.
I've seen it at Sillyfarm for $20.00 for a palette with the 6 UV colors.

I had the chance to borrow the Kryolan palette from a subscriber of mine, but google it and you'll probably come up with tons of sites that sell it ;)
I've seen it at Sillyfarm for $26.00 for a palette with the 6 UV colors.

Both Kryolan and Wolfe also sell the neon colors individually if you're not interested in the whole palette!


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