Sunday, July 18, 2010

MAC Viva Glam for Fall 2010 swatches and thoughts

This fall, MAC are coming out with two new additions to the Viva Glam family; Gaga lipglass and Cyndi lipglass!

Wham up the GLAM in VIVA GLAM! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the sensational Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga! The uninhibited new voices behind MAC's new "From Our Lips" campaign, designed to speak to the challenges women face as the fastest new group affected by HIV/AIDS around the world.
The MAC AIDS Fund and the VIVA GLAM program are the heart and soul of MAC Cosmetics. Established in 1994 to support men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally, VIVA GLAM I, II, III, IV, V, and VI were launched as continous shades and have achieved tremendous success over the years. Fall 2010 sees two new Lipglass shades, introduced by our audacious superstars for a limited six months on counter.

Working at MAC isn't always so glamorous...

Yeah, I don't know what happened either! I'm just clumsy, I guess, haha :)

Good thing I have Marie-Louise there to take pictures when things like these happen! :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dare to Wear swatches and thoughts

Back in 2007 MAC released a collection called C Shock. This was the first MAC collection I remember buying something from, and I remember being super excited about all the bright eyeshadows in the collection.
Dare To Wear brings back one of those C Shock eyeshadows (Going Bananas), and it brings back a lot of memories for me! :)

Our own Lady Gaga mobilized legions of you to DARE TO WEAR... and it's created a wave of energy, excitement and outrageousness all around the world! Join the brigade of loud-and-proud who daily dare to declare their own individuality.
High-powered pigment and holographic pearl create a crazy-intense shine-saturated gloss, combined with Pop Eye Shadow shadws, as over-the-top as Lady G Live!
Inter-dimensional one-coat colour on the first stroke means there's always an encore! Creamy soft application grabs and sculpts, gel structure molds and has a bouncy feel - pure exhilaration, it's a personal high! More and more of you, every minute, every hour, every day, not afraid to DARE TO WEAR.
Read more to see swatches of all the eyeshadows and new glosses!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MAC Update sneak peak ;)

I'm so glad I brought my camera with me to update! :)
I had the chance to swatch so many of the new products, and I'm really looking forward to sharing all the pictures with you!

I'll have posts up with all the swatches ASAP!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lemming: Princess!

Oh, how I wish I had just bought this little gem when I saw it at the airport flying home from London!

I smelled it, and even though I liked it I didn't get it because I hate rushing when it comes to buying perfumes.

All the way home on the plane I regretted that I didn't get it and I'm regretting it even more now that I can't seem to find the perfume here! Ugh! -.-

What are your favorite perfumes?
Favorites for summer? :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

(Huge) Lodon haul! :D

First of all, I just want to say that I'm not posting this to brag or anything like that and I really don't hope it seems like it :/ I'm just a crazy makeup junkie who saved up for a shopping spree and wants to share her purchases with all her lovely followers!! :)

I wasn't sure if I should post everything in one big post or keep the things from each brand in separate posts, but I decided to just post the haul pictures of everything in this post, and if you're interested in seeing reviews on any of the products, let me know and I'll do separate posts with that :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More polish!

I know, I know! More nail polish ;)
But since I keep buying them, I might as well share them with you, right? :)
(also because I suck and haven't had time to do any "real" posts, haha!)

I bought all of these before going to London, but haven't had the time to post about them yet. I hope to post haul pictures from London really soon! I got some great things :)
I also really hope to have time for some FOTDs and tutorials soon, but we'll see :)


Oh. My. God.!
I'm a sucker for anything sparkely and glittery so these are right up my alley!

I know, I know... Most of you have probably seen these already since they've been out for quite a while, but they're not been released here yet, and I love them so much that I really wanted to share swatches! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

MAC In The Groove look + tutorial

Here comes the first look I did with products from the In The Groove collection from MAC! :)

If you missed the post I did with swatches of the In The Groove products, you can find it here :)


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