Monday, January 4, 2010

Sigma brushes

After seeing one rave review after another about Sigma brushes, I feel the need to get this out.

I have not tried the Sigma brushes and I don't plan to.


Because I don't want to support a company that simply copies another one - with both the look and name of their products.

Cheap brushes have been available for a long time, and bloggers as well as YT gurus have tried to show you the best cheap alternatives to the expensive high-end brands.
I don't think that there's anything wrong with that. At all!

However, I don't like the fact that Sigma brushes not only have been obviously inspired by the design of MAC brushes, but also have the same numbers!
You crossed a line there, Sigma!

It's like buying a fake Louis Vuitton purse because "it looks just as good as the real thing". Yeah, of course it does! It's A COPY!

If you don't want (or can't afford) to spend that much money on a purse, why not just buy another one?

That's how I feel about brushes as well. No, you don't need to have MAC brushes if you don't want to or can't afford them. As far as I know, there are plenty of cheap alternatives out there.
I have seen good reviews on brushes from both Coastal Scents and Crown Brush. 
I haven't tried any of them myself, but I would love to when I get the chance.

Am I alone here, or does anyone feel the same way?

I really don't wish to offend anyone with this post, and if you have any of the Sigma brushes and are happy with them, good for you! :) I just can't bring myself to buy them :/


Musing on Beauty said...

You are not alone, I totally agree with you! Using Mac range and even the numbers to label the brush is just copying, I don't even understand why Mac isn't taking legal actions against them.

The crown brushes (coastal scents are actually made by that company) aren't bad but not as good as mac in my opinion. I rather save money and invest in mac brushes.

Zoffe said...

Good to know I'm not the only one!

And I thought the CS brushes looked like some of the Crown ones, lol! Now I know why :P
That's what I've heard about them before. That they're OK but not as good as MAC.
I'd really like to try them though - just to try out some cheaper alternatives :)

Aleksis said...

Amen!! If the quality is so good why couldn't they just name them something different and give them different handles or something?? I hate's SO lazy!

Zoffe said...

Aleksis - I think they named them the same as the MAC brushes to get more attention :/ I'm just sad that they did 'cus I really hate copycats too!

Deborah Jones said...

Zoffe, you are entirely right. No doubt about it. Sigma lacks creativity. And if Mac sues well... That'll be that! I'm glad someone spoke up. We all know it ain't right but people follow the popular people and that's that. PREACH ON SISTER!

Marie said...

Jag tycker att Sigma har en väldigt bra affärsidé, de erbjuder borstar som är billigare men utger sig för att vara lika bra som MAC:s borstar. För att förenkla för kunderna har de struntat i att "beat around the bush" och helt enkelt gett dem samma namn.
Jag har själv inga Sigma-borstar, men jag tycker inte Sigma gör fel som tillverkar kopior heller.

Stephanie said...

I don't think a company can really sue for using numbers... i could be wrong. But does anyone even know why MAC chose those specific numbers? Maybe there is more of a reference in that number that isn't just specific to MAC. I'm just curious.

Zoffe said...

Stephanie - The MAC brushes starting with 1 (for example 187) are face brushes, the ones starting with 2 (for example 217) are eye brushes and the ones starting with 3 (for example 316) are lip brushes. As far as I know, there is no further meaning of the numbers.

I have no idea if they could sue either.
I'm just sad that Sigma think they need to copy a major makeup brand to sell their brushes.

Zoffe said...

Marie - Det er rigtigt, at Sigma gør det nemmere for forbrugerne, når de giver deres pensler de samme numre som MAC, men jeg tror det er en større fordel for Sigma. Når de laver en billig kopi af noget folk kender, vil folk tit købe den netop fordi de kender den. Sigma tjener altså penge på noget, som MAC har lavet, og det synes jeg er lidt trist.

Lauren said...

I feel the exact same.


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