Sunday, January 3, 2010

MAC haul!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have read, that I hauled a little at MAC last week.
I only just had the time to post about it here, but better late than never, right? ;)

My local MAC counter had 50% off on some of the old LE and DC items that they still had and I took advantage of it! ;)

Here's what I got!

  • All Nighter PRO longwear (DC) - I absolutely adore dark lips and I don't know how I didn't get this sooner! I've worn it at the counter a couple of times and it's such a lovely color. I really like the pro longwears, but I rarely buy them because of the price :/
  • Saddle e/s (DC) - A basic medium brow. Not super special and not the best selling product (which I guess is why they're DCing it) but I think it's a nice color to have.
  • Reflects Rust glitter (PRO. LE at counters w/ Makeup Art Cosmetics '09) - I pretty much collect pigments and glitters, so there was no way I could pass on this ;) I've worn it at the counter a few times and I think my favorite way to use it is on top of a black liner.
  • Cocomotion pigment (LE w/ Makeup Art Cosmetics '09) - This has been out before and I always liked the color but just didn't love it enough to pay full price, so now was the time to get it!
  • Mega-Rich pigment (LE a loooooong time ago... w/ Overrich '08) - Another pretty pigment that I've been looking at ever since it came out but only just bought! *happy dance*
  • Skinsheen leg spray in the lightest color (medium dark) (LE) - I'm actually very happy with my pale self, but at the same time I like to change up my look as much as possible :) (with the exception being my hair. I'm just not a hair person, lol) I find the skinsheens to be pretty buildable but at the same time very easy to get to apply even. I also like how they don't transfer onto clothes (haven't tried with white clothing though, and I'm probably not going to take the risk!) but still wash off easily so I can go back to my nearly-corpse-color whenever I want ;)


Claudia said...

Hi, could you pls swatch the legspray, I'm pale as you and wonder how it turns out in a bloody pale skin ! Happy New Year !!

Zoffe said...

Claudia - Sure! :) I'll try to get a decent swatch picture as soon as possible! I might have time tomorrow :)

So Very Fabulous said...

I"m still jealous that you were able to get MAC goodies on sale! 50% off is quite a deal :)

Fintia said...

50%??????? I'm sooo jealous too lol!

great goodies. I have the reflects rust and havent used it yet.. I'm gonna try applying it over the black liner.. so do you just apply the liner and then apply the reflects before the liner dries?

Zoffe said...

So Very Fabulous - I feel pretty lucky too! :D There were a lot of LE lipglosses as well, but I was a good girl and didn't get any, lol! ;)

Fintia - I usually like to apply glitter on top of something super waterproof so that I know it stays in place until I remove it (so I don't get it in my eyes), and liquidlast liners work really well! I just do one eye at a time so I can stick the glitter onto the liner before it dries :)
The reflect glitters (like this one) are really fine though, so sticking them on top of a cream shadow (like a paint pot) or a gel liner (like a fluidline) works pretty good with them :)


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