Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MAC Update thoughts

So, as I promised yesterday, here is a little update on the MAC Update ;)

For those of you who don't know, MAC Update is something that all the MAC Retail artists go to every three months. We're told about new collections and get to try out the new products!
We also talk about current and upcoming makeup trends which I plan include more about in different posts on each trend!

I was lucky enough to go to Update with Stine from ShowYouMakeup who is just amazingly sweet and who I always have a lot of fun with! Good times :)

Keep reading to see my thoughts on each collection!

  • Spring Color Forecast (release date is February 11th in North America and March Internationally)
    This collection is divided into four different parts; "Colour 1" which includes various shades of pink, "Colour 2" which is all about corals, "Colour 3" which focuses on purple shades and finaly "Colour 4" which have the more toned down golds and bronzes in it.

    This is a huuuuge collection! And it doesn't even have that many repromoted shades!

    The collection includes lipsticks, lipglasses, eyeshadows, eyeshadow quads, nail polishes and the two new products "Blush Ombre" and "Crush Metal Pigment"

    The Crush Metal Pigments look a lot like the Solar Bits but they are supposed to be easier to work with and last longer. They did seem smoother but I didn't get to wear them to see how long they last. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing these in store! :D
    They come in sets of four and are packed in the clear, stackable MAC jars.

    The Blush Ombres are a lot like beauty powders but seem to be a bit more pigmented. Another nice touch is that they contain more than just one color! For example, there was one that was fading from red into orange. I loved the color of that one!

  • Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 (release date is February 18th in North America and March Internationally)
    This collection includes the new Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 as well as a brand new brush - the 130, which looks a lot like the #187 stippling brush, but with its shorter hairs it seems more dense and it seems to give more coverage than the #187.
    I actually got the foundation yesterday, so I won't talk too much about the foundation now, since I plan on doing a full review on it once I've tried it for a week or so :)

  • Riveting (release date is February 18th in North America and March Internationally)
    I read about this collection online and was really looking forward to seeing the silver lipstick in person!
    However, we won't be getting this collection in Denmark, so I didn't get to see any of the colors :(

  • Tabloid Beauty (release date is February 25th in North America and March Internationally)
    This collection features several permanent items, such as PRO longwear lipcolors, Penultimate eyeliner and Prep+Prime line filler.
    It also brings back the Prep+Prime refined zone, which is now going to be permanent at all counters!

  • Too Fabulous (release date is March 4th in North America and March Internationally)
    This collection features 9 Cremesheen Glasses. 6 of the colors are new and all 9 are going to be added to the permanent MAC line!
    I don't love cremesheen glasses myself, but I know a lot of costumers do because of the lovely glossy effect without the sticky feeling ;)
    With the collection, there is going to be 5 new lipliners! Unfortunately, it looks like they're all limited edition, even though the colors are much needed in the permanent line up, in my opinion! There's a dark pink one, an orange one(not bright orange, but more like burnt orange?), and an extremely nice, pale skin toned one.
    MAC is also going to release 6 new and limited edition mineralize blush duos with this collection. None of the colors really stood out to me but they did seem nice.

  • Give me Liverty of London (release date is March 11th in North America and April Internationally)
    This is probably the one collection from this Update that I had read the most about on the Internet.
    This is the special packaging-collection and designer collaboration that MAC is doing this spring.
    Personally, I'm not very excited about this. I'm not a fan of the packaging at all, but I guess it'll grow on me once we get it on the counter, haha! ;)
    My favorite products from the collection seemed to be Birds & Berries eyeshadow which is described as a "frosted dark green blue" and Shell Pearl beauty powder blush which is a lovely pale peachy pink with gold shine.

  • Viva Glam (release date is March 18th in North America and March Internationally)
    The collection contains two lipsticks called Gaga and Cindy named after the two new spokespersons for the MAC Viva Glam campaing; Lady Gaga and Cindy Lauper!
    Gaga is a nice bubblegum pink and Cindy is an orange-y red. Both lipsticks are Lustres, which means that they feel quite soft on the lips and don't give a lot of color.
    I'm usually not a fan of lustres, but I must say that I really like the Gaga one! I love bubblegum pink lipsticks, and this is actually a very wearable one! (Unlike Snob and Saint Germain, which both seem to take a bit of work - especially if you have a darker skin tone)

    The music that Lady Gaga does is definitely not the music I usually listens to, which is probably why I found her catchy songs quite annoying at first. However, I have to admire her style in clothes, hair and makeup as well as her ability to write one hit after another. And I have to admit that I've actually come to like her music, haha!

    Also, who doesn't know Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun?! ;)

  • Art Supplies (release date is April 1st in North America and April Internationally)
    This is another collection that I was extremely excited about that we're not getting here in Denmark! It SUCKS! (sorry)
    The collection is divided into Eyes and Lips.
    The Eyes part contains 8 new greasepaint sticks and 6 new Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners. All the products are Limited Edition.
    The Lips part contains 9 "pro longwear lipstain markers" which all sound amazing, but since we're not getting the collection I didn't get to see them! :'(

  • Prep for Colour (release date is April 8th in North America and April Internationally)
    This collection is all about a new Prep+Prime product called Skin Brightening Serum. It's supposed to "provide long-lasting moisture and help even out ski tone and brighten the skin over time".
    Not sure if I'm excited about this. I only tried it on my hand, but it really would be great if it actually works, haha :D

And that's about all I have to say on the upcoming collections!
What are you looking forward to? Are you excited or disappointed about the collections that MAC are bringing out?


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