Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick Tip: Dried up gel liner?

This post is (unfortunately?) not about how to "save" a dried out gel liner, but about what you can use it for once it starts drying out!

I personally love gel liners! But (there's always a but, isn't there) once they start drying out, which they will eventually, they won't be as easy to use to line with.

However, gel liners work wonderfully as eyeshadow bases, and they still work for that even when they start getting a bit too dry to line with!

So! Don't throw away those half-used and half-dried eyeliners! Try them as bases!

This post is actually about the effect that different colored bases can have on duochrome eyeshadows!
In this look and this look I used MAC Blacktrack f/l as a base for the color on the lid
In this look I used MAC Dipdown f/l as a base on the lid
In this look I used both MAC Non-Conformist f/l and MAC Iris Eyes f/l as bases on the lid
I know I have used gel liners as bases in many other looks, but it seems like I haven't posted them... Hmm :P


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