Monday, January 4, 2010

Detrivore Cosmetics swatches: Matte collection

I recently bought the Matte Collection from Detrivore Cosmetics, and here are the swatches!
The complete collection of 27 colors was only $30! (without shipping)
Individually the jars are $5 each and sample bags are available for $1 each.
I'm absolutely in love with the range of matte colors and I can't wait to play more with them! :D
I also bought the Hilite collection, which I'm posting swatches of later.
I will have a review up ASAP, and I'll try to do a tutorial as well!

If there are any colors you'd like to see a tutorial on, please let me know :)

Click on the pictures to see the full size.

Petty, Artery, Coma, Facada, Starlet, Lotus

Ravine, Chimera, Bog Body, Slimy, Decay, Coward

Bethos, BSoD, Machine

Glacier, Creature, Plasma

Nymph, Petrified, Silt, Torment, Wretched

Porcelain, Bone, Fortress, Abyss

All shadows were swatched on top of ArtDeco eyeshadow base


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