Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another GOSH haul!

I'm pretty bad.
My excuse?
The department store I work in had an amazing GOSH sale!

We're talking products for only 1/3 of the price!
Because it was all limited edition and discontinued shades! :D

So, what's the MAC Shadestick doing in the picture?!
Well... You see... It wasn't on sale or anything, but I had to have it to put under one of those GOSH effect powders! I swatched the two together and couldn't resist!
I'll post swatches tomorrow when I have daylight to take pictures in.
I might need to post swatch pictures of all my effect powders soon? ;)

  • GOSH Golden Star effect powder - This is actually my favorite product that I got. You have to see what it looks like on top of the shadestick that I got as well. One word that describes it? WOW! (And not in the Warcraft sense :P )
    It's a light, almost white, color with super small gold glitters in it. Reminds me of the MAC Reflects Glitters but a bit less glitter and smoother in application.
    I might just have to do a tutorial using this! ;)
  • GOSH Paradise effect powder - A very pale golden color but it has a green undertone to it that makes it quite unique. I wore this today with MAC Copperplate eyeshadow in the crease and the two made up a very interesting but pretty neutral look.
  • GOSH Cyanic effect powder -  This is one bright blue! It does remind me a bit of MAC Electric Eel eyeshadow, but I haven't swatched the two side by side.
  • GOSH Golden Gate effect powder - Very smooth and super shiny gold!
  • GOSH Green Star effect powder - Very nice, dark green. I think it's going to look very pretty on top of a green base but by itself it isn't too special.
  • GOSH Bottle effect powder - Another one I really, really like. It's a green base color with super small silver glitters in it. Not glitters like in Purple Rain effect powder (I hate that color. Absolutely hate. So chunky!) but glitters that apply very nice and smooth.
  • GOSH #16 extreme art eyeliner - Almost like a brick red. Very interesting color that I'm looking forward to using!
  • MAC Cuddle shadestick - As I mentioned above, I fell in love with this when I swatched it underneath Golden Star. It's a very pretty color by itself as well, but I only ever use shadesticks unless regular eyeshadows, so they have to work well for that.


Fintia said...

everything looks very nice :-)

Zoffe said...

It *IS* very nice :D I'm so happy with everything I got :)


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