Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FOTD: A Warm & Cozy look

I was hurrying out the door when I took these pictures so they're not the best.
I had to be at work on time though, right? ;)

Keep readig for more pictures, list of products used and a written tutorial :)

I used:
ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Brulé e/s
MAC Soba e/s
MAC Dipdown f/l
MAC Embark e/s
MAC Cuddle s/s (LE w/ Warm & Cozy '10)
MAC Fibrerich Lash
MAC #7 lashes

MAC SFF foundation NC15
MAC Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder

MAC By Candlelight MSF (LE w/ Warm & Cozy '10)

MAC Spiced Tea l/s (LE w/ Warm & Cozy '10)
MAC 2N l/g (LE w/ Warm & Cozy '10 and N collection '08)

How to get the look:
  • Apply a neutral colored base to your lid - from lashline to eyebrow. I used ArtDeco eyeshadow base.
  • Apply a color close to your skintone all over your eyelid from lashline to eyebrow. I used MAC BrulĂ©. Pretty much any brush works for this but I usually prefer soft fluffy brushes for this because they're quick and easy.
  • Pick up a color a couple of shades darker than your skin. I used MAC Soba and applied it into my crease with a soft blending brush. You only need a tiny bit and make sure to blend it really well.
  • Apply a brown gel liner to your lower lashline. Make "downwards cateyes" on the outer and inner part (hopes that makes sense! ;) ). I used MAC Dipdown f/l.
  • Blend out the gel liner using a finger, smudger brush or q-tip. Keep the outer lines sharp but blend the color down to make a fading effect.
  • Use a dark brown color to blend out the eyeliner even more. I used MAC Embark eyeshadow on a soft blending brush.
  • Use a light golden color on your tearduct area. Apply a litte on the edge where the brown eyeshadow+eyeliner fades out. I used MAC Cuddle shadestick and applied it with my finger.
  • Apply false lashes to your bottom lashline. Make sure that you place the lashes below your natural lashes and that you place them so that the curl goes down and not up (again, I hope it makes sense!)
  • Apply your favorite foundation and powder combination
  • Apply a shimmery, light, golden pink blush to your cheeks. I used By Candlelight MSF and applied it quite heavily.
  • Apply a reddish brown lipstick and top it off with a neutral peachy gloss. I used Spiced Tea lipstick and 2N lipgloss.


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