Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! + NYE makeup

I hope everyone had a great and safe New Year's Eve!

I don't usually get the whole concept of New Year's eve parties though. It's like everyone thinks that that party is going to be the most amazing one of the year, but it rarely turns out to be like that when you have such high expectations.
Sure, NYE is a great opportunity to dress up in way over-the-top glittery clothes and makeup without anyone thinking it's weird, but I wear makeup and clothes like that a lot on normal days as well, haha :)
I think every Friday and Saturday night have the potential to be just as good a party as NYE could ever be and I wish people would remember that, 'cus that would mean a lot more great parties throughout the year! ;)

That being said, I did have a great time! I spent the night with three of my lovely coworkers from MAC :) We had some great food and a lot of great things to drink, and we had an awesome little party all by ourselves, haha! Even though it wasn't a huge party, it was one of the best New Year's eves I've ever had :)

And with all the rambling aside, here is my NYE makeup!
I was in a hurry when I took these pictures, so they're not the best, but I hope you'll like them anyway :)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Vanilla e/s
MAC Blacktrack f/l
MAC Carbon e/s
MUFE Black 10 glitter (applied on top of DUO glue)
MAC Emerald Green pigment (PRO)
MUFE #91 e/s (bright, matte green)
MAC Freshwater e/s
MUFE #92 e/s (bright, matte purple)
MAC Violet pigment
MAC Crystalled Yellow pigment (PRO) (applied on top of DUO glue)
MAC Rockin' Orange glitter (DC) (applied on top of DUO glue)
MAC Fuchsia glitter (PRO) (applied on top of DUO glue)
MAC Smolder kohl
MAC #3 lashes

MAC Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder

MAC Azalea blush(PRO)
MAC Reflects Very Pink glitter (PRO)

Makeup Store Fluffy lipliner (filled in)
MAC Vivacious lipstick (LE w/ C-Shock '07)


So Very Fabulous said...

I love this, the rainbow eyes look so pretty! The lips are gorgeous, my Vivacious has been sitting in my makeup drawer neglected for ages, I need to bring it out soon!

Shadowy Lady said...

This is an awesome look. You are seriously one of my fave bloggers just coz of your bold and colourful looks :)

Arianne said...

WOW! Amazing look! I think the blue lighting totally works with it too. :)

madame b fatale said...


Zoffe said...

So Very Fabulous - Thank you! :) I love Vivacious! It was one of my first MAC lipsticks :P But I seem to forget about it as well. We both need to use it more :D

Shadowy Lady - Thank you so, so much!! That really means a lot :)

Arianne - Thank you! :) I just wish I would have had more time to take pictures in different lighting :)

madame b fatale - Thank you so much!! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Perfect way to start the year, with heaps of glitter and colour! Hope your 2010 is amazing!

Fintia said...

I love your makeup style! always fun to look at your FOTDS! happy new year ;-)

Louisa said...

It's such a wonderful look - I love all of your looks but this is sp perfect for New Years Eve. Very very pretty:-)


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