Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quick Tip: Using lipstick as blush

Try using lipsticks as blush!

This is a nice alternative to cream blushes and also a great idea if you have to bring your makeup somewhere and don't want to bring powder blushes - for example if you're afraid of breaking them or if you keep your blushes in palettes and don't want to bring a whole palette.

How to:
I dot a little bit of lipstick on the apples of my cheeks and blend it out with my fingers. I find it easier to apply with my fingers rather than a brush - that way the heat from my fingers warms up the product and makes it easier to blend.

Different types and brands of lipstick have different staying power and color payoff on the cheeks - just as they do on the lips. Try setting the lipstick with powder to make it last longer.

See the look I posted here, where I used MAC Impassioned l/s on my cheeks :)

First makeup look w/ glasses ;)

I don't think you need to do anything different than usual when wearing glasses but I'm having fun experimenting with the different effects I can get with glasses and different types of makeup :)
So far I'm loving colored liner and bright lips when I'm wearing glasses :D

I used:

MAC Brulé e/s
MAC Sable e/s
MAC purple lll... The name has rubbed off and I really can't remember it right now!
Bourjois "54 Bleu clinquant" metallic eyeliner
Makeup Store Splash eyedust
GOSH white kohl pencil

MAC Prep+Prime Face SPF50
MAC Studio Sculpt foundation

MAC Impassioned l/s

GOSH Glam Pink l/l
MAC Impassioned l/s

I think this look goes well with the Hydraluminous trend, even though I have colour on both my eyes and lips since my skin looks glowy and the lipstick used as a blush gives a nice flush of colour to my cheeks without looking too much like makeup.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A fun way to use face painting :D

I really have to share this video with you! :)
It's not about beauty makeup like most of my usual posts, but it's creative and I think it's fun!! :)

By the YT user BibleArtWork

Trend S/S '09: Hydraluminous

One of the big trends this season is called Hydraluminous and if you haven't heard about it already, it sure is time! :)

Hydraluminous is all about dewy skin, highlighting all the right places, super sheer colors and glossy as well as pearly textures. You can say that this trend is more about adding texture than adding colour.

It's about looking as dewy as possible without looking oily and about shine and glossiness rather than obvious sparkles.

Many different products and tecniques can be used to achieve the look, here's a small breakdown:
  • MAC Strobe liquid or Strobe cream: Mix it in with your foundation or use it on its own to get a soft luminescent sheen to your skin.
  • MAC Cream Colour Bases: Pearl, Hush and Luna are amazing for highlighting and the other colors work well for creamy eyeshadows, lip- and cheek colors.
  • Benefit Moon Beam or High Beam: One of my favorite highlight products. Looks amazing and is easy to blend into the skin to give a glow without sparkles.
  • Cream blushes: Instead of powder blushes, creams are the way to go!
  • Lipgloss - and lots of it: Super glossy lip plumpers (like MAC Plushglass) can be a good choice if you want focus on your lips without adding color or sparkles.
  • MAC Slimshine lipsticks: If you want a bit of color try to go with a moist lip product like the Slimshines.
  • MAC Gloss: No, not the lipglass but the Gloss texture cream. This can be used to add a glossy finish anywhere you want. It works really well on the inner corners of your eyes. It can also be used on your cheekbones or eyelids but keep in mind that it's a bit sticky and that it will need touch ups very often if used on the eyes along with colored products.
    The Gloss texture cream is smart way to add an unexpected highlight without sparkles.
  • A matte powder: I know that I just said that everything should look dewy, but to keep you from looking oily I suggest applying a bit of powder to the places of your skin that you didn't highlight - especially right above the brows.
  • Lip balm/conditioner/anything like that - chapped lips never look good but they look especially out of place when the rest of your face is glowing and looks amazing. With this trend, you can stay away from colour on your completely but you want to make sure that you exfoliate and moisturise your lips to keep them in shape :)
  • Cream eyeshadows: Not the super colourful ones, but the neutral tones - just to add a bit of texture to your eyes. MAC Bare Study or Groundwork paint pots could be an option.
Now, the hydraluminous trend doesn't seem very suitable for someone with oily skin because of all the shine going on but there's always the option of taking the parts of the trends that work for you and stay away from the parts that don't! It's no fun following a trend completely anyway, is it? ;)

Do you get inspired by the makeup trends - and do you follow them?

Quick Tip: Dazzleglasses

MAC recently re-released their popular dazzleglasses with the Doubledazzle collection and this time a lot of the colors are going to stay in MACs permanent collection!

Now, the Dazzleglasses are super sparkly but sheer glosses. So how do you make the glitter and color show up better?

Just like my quick tip on glittery eyeshadows, you can make the glitter in Dazzleglasses stand out a lot more by applying them on top of something that has a more opaque color - like a lipstick or lipliner. The Dazzleglasses are actually my favorite gloss type to layer over lipsticks! :)

The glitters in the glosses are not all like the actual base color of the gloss, so depending on the effect you want you can uses different tones as bases.

Here's an example of how different lipsticks and lipliners alter the color and glitter payoff of Funtabulous Dazzleglass which is discribed as "purple with violet pearl":

(click on the picture to view full size)

1: Bare skin (The color will look even more sheer on pigmented lips)
2: MAC Russian Red l/s
3: MAC Gladiola l/s (LE w/ Dame Edna '09) Try Girl About Town for a similar result.
4: MAC St. Germain l/s (perm. in Europe. LE w/ Sugarsweet ´09 in the US)
5: MAC Rebel l/s
6: MAC Odyssey l/s

Of course, this tip would also apply to glittery glosses from other brands! For example, the GOSH light 'n shine lipglosses and the Makeup Store star lips.

Going, going, gone...

I'm sure this is old news to a lot of you but I have to share anyway!
MAC has a "goodbyes section" on their website where you can see all limited products currently available. It's also possible to see what products are getting discontinued and right now there are quite a few!! :(

I know, I know... They discontinue things that don't sell well to make room for new products. But it still makes me sad!

They're DC'ing more than a third of slimshines and some random things here and there.

The things I was most sad/shocked to see on the list were:
  • Newly Minted e/s - because I love the color! And I think it's sad that the matte squared e/ss are getting fased out
  • Shade f/l - This is such a pretty green and I truly miss all the bright fluidliners
  • Classic Cream lll - I know this is not the most wearable color but I love it for different effects!
  • Alta Moda pro longwear - I don't have this myself but the pro longwear lipcolors really are longwearing and this red shade is such a nice retro color.
  • Plush Luxe plushglass - I'm not really sad that this isn't going to be in the perm line anymore but I think it's one of the only plushglasses that actually gives a bit of color! Sad.
  • Missy slimshine - With everyone wanting coral colored everything you'd think that this could stay?
  • Granadine slimshine - This is such a pretty color for people wanting a fun color without it being too much.
  • Voile slimshine - Okay, I know this is not the best selling product but there really isn't anyting left like it now :/
  • Cranapple l/l - I use this for pink lipsticks all the time and there really isn't anything like it left now :/
  • 311 brush - Why not DC one of the other lip brushes? This is the only MAC lip brush that's good for detailed work!
  • Strada blush - Such a good color for a simple and not too obvious contour on us paler girls. I understand why MAC probably doesn't sell a lot of these (it looks boring and gray-brown) but it really is a great product.
The full list of products getting DC'ed can be found on MAC's website

Besides the discontinuation of products in the regular perm. MAC line, there are also a bunch of products getting fased out from the PRO line - for example Burnt Burgundy, Clear Sky Blue and Dusty Coral pigments. They're also stopping the production of PRO blushes and shadows in pot forms but these will still be available in pans.

Are any of your favorite products getting DC'ed?
Are you sad about it or doesn't it matter?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Tip: Makeup wipes and how to make them last longer without drying out

Using makeup wipes does not clean your skin as well as a real cleanser but I do like the wipes in some situations.

The wipes are great if:
  • You're going somewhere and don't have room for makeup remover and cleanser or if you come home late (and maybe even drunk ;) ) and am just too tired to bother with real cleanser.
  • You want to quickly clean your skin before doing new makeup.
  • You do makeup on others and have to quickly cleanse their skin before you start.
How to make them last longer without drying out:
  • Cut the wipes in half or even smaller, if you don't need a whole one - for example if you don't have a lot of makeup on, or if you're just using it to remove your lipstick/eyeliner/mascara/whatever
  • Make sure your store the pack of wipes upside down! This is super important - otherwise all the moisture will sink to the bottom of the pack and the wipes on the top will be dry while the last wipes you get to will be completely soaked.
Different brands of wipes:
I've only tried the MAC wipes, the Nivea Visage wipes and the wipes from a Danish store called Matas.
  • MAC Wipes make my skin burn and turn red (even though I don't have sensitive skin at all) but it works really well for removing makeup and I use it on a lot of other people without problems.
  • The Nivea Visage "Refreshing cleansing wipes for normal to mixed skin" are my favorite to use on myself. They even take off liquidlast liners with a little rubbing!
  • The Matas wipes (if any of you are in Denmark?) are not some that I will purchase again. I feel like I have to rub really hard to get the makeup off and I don't like the smell.

Makeup Rules - to follow or not to follow?

"Don't wear bold eyes and bold lips at the same time!"

"Don't use liquid liner under your eyes!"

"Don't EVER wear black lipstick!"

"Don't wear black eyeliner on your waterline! It makes your eyes look smaller!"

"Never pluck the hairs above your eyebrow!"

Makeup "rules" are all over the makeup communities on the Internet but even before you become a makeup junkie and start searching for tips and tricks on the web, you probably come across the rules in other places - especially magazines.

While the majority of the "rules" are great guidelines to follow if you want a natural look, or if you're just starting out with makeup, many of them just limit ourselves and our creativity.
I worked on a shoot with a photographer who didn't want me to do red lips with a semi-dark smokey eye (even though he wanted dramatic makeup for a quite dramatic shoot) because his other stylists always told him that bold lips and bold eyes didn't go together.
Obviously you will not achieve a natural look by doing bold lips and dramatic eyes at the same time but what if it's not a natural look you're going for? In my opinion, you can get away with practically anything as long as you know what you're doing and your tecniques are good enough for it.

Now, I realize that it's easier to create a set of rules or dos and don'ts for people who are just starting out with makeup - rather than start out by teaching them to experiment - 'cus we all know that it's important to have the basics down before we start doing crazy things.
However, I think it's sad that many women think that there is a right and a wrong way to do makeup. I talk to many who keep asking "Oh no, I need to wear that color because of my eyes" or "why do you put eyeliner on the waterline? I don't want small eyes!"

Rather than the magazines dictating what NOT to do I think it would be much nicer to read tips like these:

"If you want a natural look, it's usually better to focus on either the eyes or the lips"

"Try using a pencil eyeliner or even an eyeshadow under your eye to create a softer line than that of a liquid eyeliner"

"Dark lipsticks come of very obvious so you need to use these tecniques ____ for them to work"

"Black eyeliner on the waterline frames the eye and can give a sexy look but it will also close the eye a bit so be a little careful with it"

"Plucking the hairs below the eyebrow rather than above usually gives the most natural look but it's OK to pluck little hairs above for a cleaner look"

I can see that this way of describing things takes up a bit more space in the magazines but is that really why they focus so much on what NOT to do?

Quite frankly, I don't think women are stupid enough to need rules about everything! Many girls and women do ask about rules and right/wrong ways to do makeup, but I think that's because they are used to it being like that. They don't want makeup to be complicated and they think that rules make it easier. I think rules make makeup boring. Breaking the rules is the fun part!

I understand that business women with kids don't have neither the time nor the energy or the interest in doing experimental and creative makeup in the morning and so of course the rules come in handy. The problem is just that these women really see the rules as RULES and not guidelines.

I think I'll start a series of posts about the whole "makeup rule"-thing we have going on - and I'll try to give examples of when it's OK to break the rules :) If anyone would be interested in reading it, that is.

So what do you think?
Do you follow certain makeup rules?
Do you break the rules? And how?
Are posts like these even interesting to read? :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Experimenting ;)

Let's just say that I had fun ;)
I took way too many pictures but I wanted to show everything in detail :P

I didn't add any blush at first because I wanted to focus on the eyes. I wanted super pale lips too but I couldn't find Myth and concealer feels so dry so I ended up using Blankety which looks like crap in the pictures. Oh well :P

Then I changed the lips:

Aaaaand added some crazy blush!


I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Smolder eye kohl
GOSH #244 e/s (shimmery white)
MUFE #92 e/s (purple)
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC Electric Eel e/s
MAC Marine Ultra pigment (PRO)
MAC Greenplay lll (not waterline safe so use at your own risk)
MAC Luna CCB + MAC Reflects pink glitter (highlight)

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation
MAC MSF natural

Nothing in the first pictures. MAC Azalea blush (PRO) in the last picture.

First pictures:
MAC Blankety l/s

Last pictures:
MAC Magenta l/l
MAC Snowscene l/g (LE)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I got glasses! ;)

About a week ago I went with my mom to get new glasses for her. I've had a little trouble seeing the numbers on the busses and stuff like that so I figured I might as well get my sight checked. It turned out I needed glasses and I got them today! :)

What do you think? ;)
It's going to be a little weird with eye makeup and all but I'm up for the challenge ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Basic Makeup: Using glitter in makeup

As you probably know if you've been following my FOTDs, I love using glitter! :)
BUT, many of you have probably also noticed how cosmetic glitter almost always have a little warning on them: "Not eyesafe" or "Do not use in eye area" or something along those lines.

Why isn't glitter eye safe?

Most glitter (even cosmetic) isn't eyesafe because it's dangerous to get it inside your eye. It will do no harm sitting on your eyelid but if you're not careful and it gets inside the eye, it can scratch your cornea which doesn't sound very pleasant ;)

Why and how do you use it on your eye if it isn't safe?
As I mentioned above, the glitter isn't dangerous as long as it doesn't get IN your eye.
Putting a "not eyesafe" sticker on glitter is usually something cosmetic companies do to make sure that they can't be blamed if someone uses the glitter irresponsibly and has an accident with it. That means that you're safe to use it at your own risk, and that it's safe as long as you think about what you are doing.

A couple of things to keep in mind when using glitter on the eyes:
  • Use something to make the glitter stick and stay in place all day.
  • Apply the glitter with the eye you're applying it to closed.
  • Make sure to dust off any excess glitter before you open your eye.
  • Be careful when removing the makeup. I never recommend rubbing hard on your eyes when trying to take makeup off and this is extra important when you have glitter on! Swipe gently to the side to take the glitter off and make sure it doesn't get in your eye :)
What can I use to make the glitter stay in place?
Please use something that holds the glitter in place all day and not just five minutes!
Something like MAC waterbased mixing medium is fine for pigments and so it seems like a fine idea to use it with glitters too. This is not the case, since the mixing medium won't keep the glitter glued to the eye once it dries.
Instead, try looking into:
  • MAC eyeliner mixing medium. This makes the glitter(or whatever your mix into it) waterproof and long lasting. It works well for making glitterliners (obviously) but can also be used if you want to use glitter all over the eye - just keep in mind that it does take a little longer than most things to dry on your eye.
  • DUO adhesive (or any good eyelash glue). This will keep the glitter in place as well and is also waterproof. I like to dab some on my lid with my finger and then dab glitter on top. If you mix the glitter into the glue the glitter won't sparkle as much because of the glue it has on top.
  • Longlasting liquid eyeliners (Like MAC Liquidlast or GOSH extreme art). Since these last really well by themselves they can also hold onto the glitter. Just make sure to put the glitter on top of the liner before it's dry.
I've also heard about a glue made specifically for glitter but I've never found it or tried it. Let me know if you have any experience with that :)
What are other ways to use glitter than on the eyes?
Just like any other product, the possibilities are endless ;) Since glitter reflects the light it works well for highlighting, and some glitters are therefore great to use on the cheekbones or on your body. Using a body lotion to make the glitter adhere can be a good idea.
Mixing glitter into nail polish is another great way to use it.

My most watched makeup-YouTubers

I wanted to share some of my favorite makeup-YouTubers with you guys :D

I rarely(if ever) recreate a look I've seen in a tutorial but I love to watch videos for inspiration and to discover new products :)

You probably already know most of the people I'm going to mention, but if not, I think you should check them out :)
I'm in no way trying to get this post to be a popularity contest or anything of that sort - it's simply about inspiration :)
  • ApropoMakeup because her tecniques are amazing and she's truly inspiring even though her style very different from other artists that I follow.
  • Eily because I love the more creative looks that she does.
  • Enkore because he has some great tips, is really fun and always super helpful. I'm not a huge fan of his makeup tutorials but I think he's awesome anyway and I love watching his videos ;)
  • IWanted2c1video because she's really creative. A lot of the things she do are way over the top but that's what makes it fun to look at! :)
  • Jude just seems like the sweetest girl! She is extremely talented, has some fun video series like "From the Runway to Everyday" and is just really fun to watch! I also like how she uses so many different brands and combinations all the time. She's really great at explaining what she does and why, too! :)
  • MakeupGeek because she updates often and she's great at explaining everything she does.
  • MayParis because of her extremely fun but still wearable nail tutorials!
  • MissChievous because of her creativity and style. Always very informative and entertaining videos.
  • MonroeMisfitMakeup because I love her style! She just uploaded a new video after being MIA for some time, yay :)
  • Panacea81 because she has an amazing story and I love hearing about how things work out for her. She doesn't always have the best looks IMHO but she's a sweetheart :)
  • Petrilude because he's fun, awesome and talented! Enough said ;)
  • Pixiwoo because they are both amazing and knowledgeable makeup artists and it inspires me to see how they work.
  • Risa because she always inspire me with her looks! I've been a fan of her forever because of Specktra so I was super excited when she started doing tutorials :)
  • Soeth23 because I love the color combos and looks she comes up with
  • WetPaintMakeupArtist because they have an amazing style and do some great looks. I'm not always a fan of their attitude but I love the makeup they do! :D
  • xSparkage because she is so fun and sweet to watch! :) Her videos always make me happy, haha :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Basic makeup: Eyeshadow bases and primers

As you probably know, I work at a place where I get asked tons of questions about eyeshadow ;)
Costumers often come up to me and ask how I get the color so vibrant and how I make the colors last. The answer to most of the eyeshadow-related questions I get is usually: USE AN EYESHADOW PRIMER!

So, what is an eyeshadow primer?
An eyeshadow primer is a product used on the eye, before application of eyeshadow, to either help the eyeshadows last longer, adhere easier (and therefore go on brighter), or to help the eyeshadows blend better - but without altering the color you put on top.

What products could I use as an eyeshadow primer?
I know that there are a lot of eyeshadow primers on the market but I've picked these out because I know that they are either really popular or because I use them myself.
  • TFSI (Too Faced Shadow Insurance): a popular choice among beauty bloggers and youtube makeup gurus. I've never tried it myself but would like to sometime.
  • UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion): another popular choice, but also a product I've never tried ;) According to the reviews on MUA, UDPP is a bit more drying on the lids than TFSI and might therefore be better for people with oily lids. Some people say, that this product makes the eyeshadows hard to blend.
  • ArtDeco eyeshadow base: Even though the name is "eyeshadow base" this is concidered a primer. This is what I use because it works brilliantly for me. It makes my eyeshadows last all day, the eyeshadow colors come out vibrant on top of it and they don't fade during the day. I'm in Denmark and get it at a store called Douglas but I know this product can be hard to find outside Europe :/
  • MAC Paint: I have this too and it works just as well as the ArtDeco eyeshadow base but I don't use this because of the price tag. Paints make eyemakeup last a very long time but it can be drying so it's better for people with oily lids.
  • MAC Paint pot: This is a bit creamier than the paints and some people love it more for that reason. It doesn't last on my oily lids though.
  • MAC Prep+Prime eye: This product does not make the eyeshadow last longer than on it's own but it makes it super easy to blend the eyeshadows on top of it. I've only tried it once and didn't know how to use it properly so I'll have to give it another try and see if it'll last better if I use another base underneath.
  • Concealer/Foundation: Using a little concealer or foundation on the eyelid before applying eyeshadows will give a nice canvas to work on and might make the eyeshadows last a bit longer but it depends on the type of foundation/concealer you're using. This trick is not nearly enough to make my eyeshadows last since I have such oily eyelids but I know it works for some people.

How do I use an eyeshadow primer?
Of course, the application tecnique varies with different primers but less is usually more. A thin layer of the primer smoothed out with a finger will usually work.

So, what is an eyeshadow base?
An eyeshadw base is a colored product that will alter the color of the eyeshadow you put on top. An example could be to use a blue cream eyeshadow as a base underneath a blue eyeshadow. This will give the color of the blue eyeshadow more depth and the color will pop.
Another example could be to use a green cream eyeshadow under a blue eyeshadow. This will also give the color more depth but the blue eyeshadow will look a bit more green.
Many different effects can be achieved by using colored bases under eyeshadows! Check out my quick tips on Duochrome eyeshadows and Glittery eyeshadows over colored bases :)
Some bases last fine on their own while others need to be applied over an eyeshadow primer in order to last.

What products could I use as an eyeshadow base?
Honestly, the possibilities are endless! :)
Some popular choises are:
  • MAC Paint Pot: Paint Pots come in various different colors and finishes. They work as primers too as long as you don't have oily lids.
  • MAC Paints: Paints used to come in different colors but unfortunately MAC has discontinued most of the colored paints and now have mostly(if not only) neutral primer-colors left.
  • Mehron Aquacolors: These are among my personal favorites but I don't use them too often since they are water activated and terefore a little more time consuming than say paint pots.
  • Kryolan Aquacolors: Similar to the Mehron Aquacolors from what I've heard but I've never tried them myself.
  • Other cream eyeshadows: Any cream eyeshadow can be used as a base but different brands and types have different staying power and color payoff and are different to work with, so some will obviously work better as bases than others.
  • Gel eyeliner: These can be used as a base just like the Paint Pots.
  • Pencil eyeliner: Can be used as a base but soft eyeliners are easier to use than harder ones since they're easier to blend out.
How do I use an eyeshadow base?
This really depend on the products you use and the look you're going for.
The easiest way is often to apply a layer of the base to your lid and blend it out into the crease a bit, but try to experiment! There are as many different ways to use bases as there are to use regular eyeshadow :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quick Tip: How to make glitter in eyeshadows show up on the lid

Just like the duochrome eyeshadows that I posted a quick tip about earlier, glittery eyeshadows work really well on top of colored bases.

It can be quite tricky to get the sparkles in shadows like MAC Beauty Marked or MAC Black Tied to show up if you apply it on top of a regular primer/base. You have to pack it on and even then, the eyeshadow doesn't look like it does in the pan.
The trick is: a colored base!
Black Tied works best over a black base and while Beauty Marked works well that way too, it also looks great over a red or purple base like MAC Flammable paint (DC) or MAC Royal Hue s/s (DC) or the Mehron aquacolors.

Click on the picture to view full size

1: ArtDeco eyeshadow base
2: MAC Blacktrack f/l. Any black eyeliner/creme shadow/aqua color will give the same effect.

Pin up look - with an edge

I know this look is very similar to the pin-up look I posted but I did this look for work and really wanted to share :)

Notice the cheekbone hightlight? This was my first time using Pearl CCB to highlight and I really like it! Yay :) It looks like it's not blended properly with the blush though...Hmm... It looked fine IRL :/

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Dazzlelight e/s
MAC Woodwinked e/s
MAC All That Glitters e/s
MAC Blacktrack f/l
MAC Smolder eye kohl
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC #7 lashes

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation
MAC MSF natural

MAC Peachykeen blush

Rimmel red l/l
MAC "M.A.C Red" l/s

Makeup on the Internet: Abbreviations

You may not find all of these in my blog but they're all beauty related :)

CCB - Cream Colour Base (an all-over product that MAC makes)
CCO - Cosmetic Company Outlet (store where you can find MAC and other makeup brands with a discount. I've never been to one since we don't have them in Denmark but I believe there are CCOs in the US and UK)
CP - Custom purchase. When you get someone else to buy something for you and send it to you.
e/l - eyeliner
d/g - Dazzleglass (A type of lipgloss that MAC makes. Sheer in colour but extremely glittery)
EOTD - eye(s) of the day
e/s - eyeshadow
f/l - fluidline (MACs gel eyeliner)
FOTD - face(s) of the day(s)
ISO - in search of. When you post a list in a forum of things you're looking for you label it "ISO".
l/g - lip gloss
l/l - lip liner
l/s - lipstick
MA - makeup artist
MES - mineralized eyeshadow
MSF - mineralized skinfinish. A mineral powder that MAC has. It comes in natural powder shades as well as shimmery colors that can be used as blush/bronzer/highlight
MUFE - Makeup Forever
p/p - Paint pot (a creme eyeshadow that MAC makes)
SA - sales associate
s/s - shadestick (an eyeshadow stick that MAC makes)
UD - Urban Decay
UDPP - Urban Decay Primer Potion (an eyeshadow base that many people like to use. I've never tried it though)

I'll update this list whenever I find something to add to it :)

Quick tip: Duochrome eyeshadows

Colored bases are gret to use under a matching eyeshadow to get a more opaque/deeper color but using a duochrome eyeshadow over a colored base can create completely different effects!

Try using a duochrome eyeshadow on top of a colored base to get different effects from the same eyeshadow.
Black bases usually bring out the duochrome but I love to experiment with different colors :)

I swatched some examples of duochrome eyeshadows and pigments over different colored bases
for you to see:

Click on the pictures to see the full size! :)

MAC Pink Bronze pigment

1: ArtDeco eyeshadow base
2: MAC Artifact paint pot
3: MAC Gracious Me shadestick (DC). Fresco Rose p/p gives a similar effect
4: MAC Blacktrack fluidline. Any black creme eyeshadow/liner/aquacolor gives the same effect

MAC Stars n Rockets eyeshadow & MAC Pink Pearl pigment

1: ArtDeco Eyeshadow base
2: MAC Rich Purple chromaline (PRO. Not eyesafe)
3: MAC Gracious Me s/s (DC). Fresco Rose p/p gives a similar effect
4: MAC Blue Peep f/l (DC)
5: GOSH white kohl pencil
6: MAC Blacktrack f/l. Any black creme eyeshadow/liner/aquacolor gives the same effect

MAC Old Gold pigment

1: ArtDeco eyeshadow base
2: MAC Uppity f/l (LE). Any gold base gives a similar effect
3: MAC Minted eye kohl
4: MAC Blacktrack f/l. Any black creme eyeshadow/liner/aquacolor gives the same effect

MAC Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow

1: ArtDeco eyeshadow base
2: MAC Minted eye kohl.
3: MAC Uppity f/l (LE). Any gold base gives a similar effect
4: MAC Blacktrack f/l. Any black creme eyeshadow/liner/aquacolor gives the same effect

Monday, May 18, 2009

Simple blue look for a family birthday party ;)

I tried to do a quite boring, simple, blue look for a birthday party with the family but I couldn't help adding a little glitter to it ;)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Indigo eye pencil
MAC White Frost e/s
MAC Bell-bottom blue pigment (LE w/ Naughty Nauticals '08)
MAC Reflects transparant teal + MAC eyeliner mixing medium
MAC Smolder eye kohl + Freshwater e/s (lower lashline)
GOSH white eye kohl

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation
MAC MSF natural

MAC Sweet William cream blush
MAC Petticoat MSF (LE)

MAC Long Stem Rose slimshine

Pin up look :)

Red lips and winged eye liner is my go to look when I don't have inspiration to do anything else ;)
It's a really simple look but I still feel glamorous wearing it! What do you think of the pin up look? :)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Blanc Type e/s
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Patina e/s
MAC Rich Flesh e/s (LE w/ N collection '08)
MAC Point Black lll
MAC #7 lashes
GOSH white kohl pencil

MAC Studio Tech foundation
MAC MSF natural

MAC Peachykeen blush (I think)
MAC Vanilla pigment

Rimmel red lip liner
MAC Powersuit mattene (Which looked more pink-red IRL) (LE)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Clear sky blue and Pink Vivid

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Pink Opal pigment
MAC Pink Vivid pigment (PRO. DC. Not eye safe)
MAC Scene e/s
MAC Aqualine lll
MAC Clear Sky Blue pigment (PRO)

MAC Pink Swoon blush
MAC Perfect Topping MSF (LE w/ Sugar Sweet '09)

The pink MAC chreamsheen glass... Don't remember the name and I can't find it now :/


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