Thursday, May 14, 2009

Smokey purple with glitter! :)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
UD Zero e/s
MAC Violet pigment
MAC Next to nothing e/s
MAC Jewelmarine glitter + eyeliner mixing medium
MAC #34 lashes
MAC Beautiful Iris
MAC Blacktrack f/l + Carbon e/s on waterline

Gentle blush

MAC Durashell pro longwear


Anonymous said...

Very pretty look, the eyes are gorgeous! I really love the look of Durashell - it's exactly how I wish Lollipop Lovin' looked!

Blanca said...

I love it!

Erin said...

OMG, that is like....perfect, LOL.

Vanessa M. said...

omg!! amazing! that liner gave it a kick!

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

Thank you all so much :)

Stefanie: I really like Durashell but I don't wear it very often :/ I don't like how the pro longwear lipsticks feel on the lips - maybe I could get used to it though ;)


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