Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Tip: Makeup wipes and how to make them last longer without drying out

Using makeup wipes does not clean your skin as well as a real cleanser but I do like the wipes in some situations.

The wipes are great if:
  • You're going somewhere and don't have room for makeup remover and cleanser or if you come home late (and maybe even drunk ;) ) and am just too tired to bother with real cleanser.
  • You want to quickly clean your skin before doing new makeup.
  • You do makeup on others and have to quickly cleanse their skin before you start.
How to make them last longer without drying out:
  • Cut the wipes in half or even smaller, if you don't need a whole one - for example if you don't have a lot of makeup on, or if you're just using it to remove your lipstick/eyeliner/mascara/whatever
  • Make sure your store the pack of wipes upside down! This is super important - otherwise all the moisture will sink to the bottom of the pack and the wipes on the top will be dry while the last wipes you get to will be completely soaked.
Different brands of wipes:
I've only tried the MAC wipes, the Nivea Visage wipes and the wipes from a Danish store called Matas.
  • MAC Wipes make my skin burn and turn red (even though I don't have sensitive skin at all) but it works really well for removing makeup and I use it on a lot of other people without problems.
  • The Nivea Visage "Refreshing cleansing wipes for normal to mixed skin" are my favorite to use on myself. They even take off liquidlast liners with a little rubbing!
  • The Matas wipes (if any of you are in Denmark?) are not some that I will purchase again. I feel like I have to rub really hard to get the makeup off and I don't like the smell.


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