Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trend S/S '09: Hydraluminous

One of the big trends this season is called Hydraluminous and if you haven't heard about it already, it sure is time! :)

Hydraluminous is all about dewy skin, highlighting all the right places, super sheer colors and glossy as well as pearly textures. You can say that this trend is more about adding texture than adding colour.

It's about looking as dewy as possible without looking oily and about shine and glossiness rather than obvious sparkles.

Many different products and tecniques can be used to achieve the look, here's a small breakdown:
  • MAC Strobe liquid or Strobe cream: Mix it in with your foundation or use it on its own to get a soft luminescent sheen to your skin.
  • MAC Cream Colour Bases: Pearl, Hush and Luna are amazing for highlighting and the other colors work well for creamy eyeshadows, lip- and cheek colors.
  • Benefit Moon Beam or High Beam: One of my favorite highlight products. Looks amazing and is easy to blend into the skin to give a glow without sparkles.
  • Cream blushes: Instead of powder blushes, creams are the way to go!
  • Lipgloss - and lots of it: Super glossy lip plumpers (like MAC Plushglass) can be a good choice if you want focus on your lips without adding color or sparkles.
  • MAC Slimshine lipsticks: If you want a bit of color try to go with a moist lip product like the Slimshines.
  • MAC Gloss: No, not the lipglass but the Gloss texture cream. This can be used to add a glossy finish anywhere you want. It works really well on the inner corners of your eyes. It can also be used on your cheekbones or eyelids but keep in mind that it's a bit sticky and that it will need touch ups very often if used on the eyes along with colored products.
    The Gloss texture cream is smart way to add an unexpected highlight without sparkles.
  • A matte powder: I know that I just said that everything should look dewy, but to keep you from looking oily I suggest applying a bit of powder to the places of your skin that you didn't highlight - especially right above the brows.
  • Lip balm/conditioner/anything like that - chapped lips never look good but they look especially out of place when the rest of your face is glowing and looks amazing. With this trend, you can stay away from colour on your completely but you want to make sure that you exfoliate and moisturise your lips to keep them in shape :)
  • Cream eyeshadows: Not the super colourful ones, but the neutral tones - just to add a bit of texture to your eyes. MAC Bare Study or Groundwork paint pots could be an option.
Now, the hydraluminous trend doesn't seem very suitable for someone with oily skin because of all the shine going on but there's always the option of taking the parts of the trends that work for you and stay away from the parts that don't! It's no fun following a trend completely anyway, is it? ;)

Do you get inspired by the makeup trends - and do you follow them?


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