Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Going, going, gone...

I'm sure this is old news to a lot of you but I have to share anyway!
MAC has a "goodbyes section" on their website where you can see all limited products currently available. It's also possible to see what products are getting discontinued and right now there are quite a few!! :(

I know, I know... They discontinue things that don't sell well to make room for new products. But it still makes me sad!

They're DC'ing more than a third of slimshines and some random things here and there.

The things I was most sad/shocked to see on the list were:
  • Newly Minted e/s - because I love the color! And I think it's sad that the matte squared e/ss are getting fased out
  • Shade f/l - This is such a pretty green and I truly miss all the bright fluidliners
  • Classic Cream lll - I know this is not the most wearable color but I love it for different effects!
  • Alta Moda pro longwear - I don't have this myself but the pro longwear lipcolors really are longwearing and this red shade is such a nice retro color.
  • Plush Luxe plushglass - I'm not really sad that this isn't going to be in the perm line anymore but I think it's one of the only plushglasses that actually gives a bit of color! Sad.
  • Missy slimshine - With everyone wanting coral colored everything you'd think that this could stay?
  • Granadine slimshine - This is such a pretty color for people wanting a fun color without it being too much.
  • Voile slimshine - Okay, I know this is not the best selling product but there really isn't anyting left like it now :/
  • Cranapple l/l - I use this for pink lipsticks all the time and there really isn't anything like it left now :/
  • 311 brush - Why not DC one of the other lip brushes? This is the only MAC lip brush that's good for detailed work!
  • Strada blush - Such a good color for a simple and not too obvious contour on us paler girls. I understand why MAC probably doesn't sell a lot of these (it looks boring and gray-brown) but it really is a great product.
The full list of products getting DC'ed can be found on MAC's website

Besides the discontinuation of products in the regular perm. MAC line, there are also a bunch of products getting fased out from the PRO line - for example Burnt Burgundy, Clear Sky Blue and Dusty Coral pigments. They're also stopping the production of PRO blushes and shadows in pot forms but these will still be available in pans.

Are any of your favorite products getting DC'ed?
Are you sad about it or doesn't it matter?


KiLLaCaM said...

cranapple!? say it ain't so! looks like i'm going to have to buy a whole bunch!

Zoffe said...

That was my reaction too!
I don't understand it :/
It isn't in the goodbye section on both the Canadian and the US websites :(


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