Saturday, May 16, 2009

Clear sky blue and Pink Vivid

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Pink Opal pigment
MAC Pink Vivid pigment (PRO. DC. Not eye safe)
MAC Scene e/s
MAC Aqualine lll
MAC Clear Sky Blue pigment (PRO)

MAC Pink Swoon blush
MAC Perfect Topping MSF (LE w/ Sugar Sweet '09)

The pink MAC chreamsheen glass... Don't remember the name and I can't find it now :/


Belle Du Jour said...

beautiful colors!!! Come stop by my blog and check it out. Hope to see you around!
xx Belle

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

Thanks :)
I checked out your blog and am now following it :)

xxdwl said...

What a beautiful look, I think I'm going to try it out sometime!

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

Thank you :) I'd love to see pictures if you try :D


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