Friday, February 27, 2009

End of the week questionnaire

I'm totally stealing Brittaney's idea and am going to do a end-of-the-week questionnaire :D

  • The best thing about this week: I had so much fun doing all the Hello Kitty makeovers! I wish we did more makeovers at our counter ;)
  • The worst thing about this week: I've been extremely busy with school. It's getting better but it's still pretty bad.
  • Next week I am going to: I really need to work harder on my school. But I want to find more time to watch movies and doing makeup stuff online, haha :D
  • This weekend I am going to: Spend with my family celebrating my grandpa's 80th birthday.
  • I really miss: Having time to just relax instead of doing homework and writing stupid papers all the time.
  • I can't wait to: Be done with school!
  • The best purchase this week: All the things I bought from Hello Kitty :D
  • I love: Snow :)
  • I can't stand: Lady Gaga. Sorry but I just can't ;)
  • I am: Tired

Go ahead and fill it out too :D

Review: Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow palette

I finally got a chance to get this when I saw it in a makeup sale in a LiveJournal community and I was really happy when it arrived :)
We can't get Urban Decay here in Denmark so I've never had the chance to try any of their products before so this palette was a great way to try many of their shadows at once.

Packaging + applicators: 4/5
I like the packaging - it's super cute, sturdy and works great.
It has a mirror inside but I never really use mirrors in my palettes so that doesn't matter much to me.
The palette comes with two sponge tip applicators which I hate! I hate sponge tip applicators in general and don't like that palettes come with these. That's the reason people don't think they need brushes, lol ;)

Product: 4/5
I must admit that I love the eyeshadows! The pigmentation is great, they are easy to blend and there is a wide variety of colors in the palette.
There's just one thing missing: a light highlight color!
I mean, I have quite a few highlight colors already but I don't really think a palette is complete without one since I like the idea of having all the colors I need for a look in one palette so I don't have to bring anything but one palette when I sleep at someone else's house or wherever I bring my makeup ;)
The palette also comes with a mini Primer Potion which I was looking forward to try. I haven't had a chance to compare it to my other primers/bases yet but I will let you know as soon as I've had the chance :)

Overall: 4/5
I think it's a great product - especially for the price. You get to try several different colors and even the oh-so-famous Primer Potion without having to buy all the full sized products.
The only reason this isn't a 5/5 is because there isn't a highlight color and because of the useless spongetip applicators - it would have been much better to just not include any applicators at all.

Will I buy again?
Probably not but only because I don't think I'll ever use up all the coloros ;) If I use up one of the colors I will definitely buy it again but I think I'll just buy the full sized shadow then :)

Check out these looks to see what I've done with the palette so far:
Purple look using UD Ransom
Blue look using UD Peace
Orange look using UD Graffiti as liner

Pictures and swatches will be up as soon as I get home and have a chance to take pictures :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Having fun with a bright look :)

You probably all know that I love brights ;)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
UD Ransom e/s
GOSH Spa effect powder
MAC Greenplay lll
MAC Shroom e/s
MAC Girl Groove glitterliner (LE w/ Hello Kitty 09)
MAC Miss Fortune pearlglide eyeliner (LE w/ Suite Array 08)
MAC Hello Kitty lashes (LE w/ Hello Kitty 09)

MAC Tippy BPB (LE w/ Hello Kitty 09)

MAC Cranapple cremestick liner
MAC Lavender Whip l/s (LE w/ Cremeteam 09)
MAC Lickable l/s
MAC Petite Indulgence cremesheen gloss (LE w/ Cremeteam 09)

Hello Kitty event!

You're probably all sick of hearing about Hello Kitty but you can just skip this post then! :)

We've had free Hello Kitty makeovers all week at our counter and it has been so much fun! I've done makeup on MAC addicts who bought most of the collection, on young teenage girls who were gigling the entire time and weren't interested in the makeup but only in the free makeover, on girls who were just starting out with makeup and wanted to know everything about everything and on a middleaged women on her way to a belly dance class wanting a bright purple+blue eyeshadow look :D
It's been crazy but fun!

And it wasn't only the makeovers that were fun... I've been really excited about dressing up as Nice kitte on some days and Naughty kitty on others! You should have seen my naughty kitty makeup yesterday... I really wish I had gotten a picture :(
I did crazy eyeliner on the bottom lashline using Deep Blue Green pigment winged out really long, the neutral Creme Royal eyeshadow on the lid with the purple Strayin' eyeshadow on the inner lid and Reflects blue glitter all over. I had Cyber lipstick with Nice Kitty lipgloss on top. Wild but fun :D

... I must have looked like a freak when I walked home wearing that "crazy makeup", neon pink thights with fishnet stockings and huuuuuge pink earrings. Oh, and I had a HK balloon with me too, lol :D

Makeup basics for beginners and everyone else :)

I really want to do a series of how-tos and tutorials on basic makeup application as well as some more in-depth info on the subjects.
I'm thinking about doing:

  • Eyebrows - plucking/threading, shaping, filling in
  • Foundations - different foundation types, foundation brushes, foundations for pale skin (since that's something I've had problems with)
  • Building a makeup kit
  • Primers - what they are, what difference they make, are they worth it. Face primers, lash primers, lip primers, eye primers+bases
  • Lips - lip lining, different types of lipsticks, lip conditioner, glosses
  • Eyelining - different types of eyeliner, different styles of eyeliner, brushes
  • Basic brushes
  • Eyeshadow - blending, bases+primers, brushes
  • Color theory - what eyeshadows to wear with different eye colors, color correctors
  • False lashes - application of the lashes, different types of glue, different lashes for different occasions
  • Using glitter in makeup

Would it be interesting to read? Any other ideas for more subjects to cover?

Silica powder

I haven't used 100% silica powder myself but I know a lot of people have and that a lof of people have been afraid to try after seeing a lot of users on YouTube and Specktra talking about how it can be dangerous and can cause silicosis.

At first I thought that maybe it really was dangerous but I found it weird that a huge company like Makeup Forever would sell it if there really was a health risk.
Silica has been used in all sorts of makeup for a long time and of course there's a difference between it being an ingredient in a liquid foundation and it beingn a pure powder that you can actually inhale but it still seemed weird to me that it could be that dangerous.

Now, I haven't studied the difference of silica crystalline and microspheres myself but I found this blog entry and I think it's super interesting and I'd really like you all to read it if you haven't already! :)

MAC Colour Ready-inspired lips :)

I'm absolutely in love with the lips on the model in the promo picture for the MAC Color Ready collection! Wow :)

So here's my interpretation ;)

(click for full view)

I should have used more white in the center but I guess it's OK for a first try - let me know what you think! ;)

I used:
Rimmel Red Dica lip liner
MAC Show Orchid lipstick (PRO. Will be at stores+counters with the Colour Ready collection)
MAC Pure White pigment (PRO)

The Colour Ready collections will release in April and will include
  • Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder (new product, stays in line)
  • Prep + Prime line filler (new product, stays in line)
  • Prep + Prime Refined Zone (new product, limited edition)
  • Show Orchid Lipstick (Repromote)
  • Impassioned Lipstick (Repromote)
  • Bitter eyeshadow (Repromote. Limited edition at counters, permanent at stores)
  • White Frost (Repromote)
  • Stud eye brows (Repromote)
  • Penultimate eyeliner (Repromote)
  • 129SH brush (Repromote)

Read more about the Colour Ready and see pictures on Specktra! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's day! :)

I know I'm a day late, but happy Valentine's day to you all ;)
We don't really celebrate the day much here in Denmark but we did fun, red lips and sexy smokey eyes at work yesterday :)

I think I should start bringing my camera to work with me and get pictures of all the fun looks we do there ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

MAC Update!

I went to update yesterday, and let me tell you... It was AWESOME :D
I probably don't have any more collection-info to share than Specktra has already but I'll share my experience ;)

I tried the new Prep+Primes that are comming out with the Colour Reday Collection (North America - April 2/International - April) and let me tell you... WOW!
There's a powder, a line filler and something called "refined zone" that will help control shine, cloak visible pores and make skin super smooth and ready for foundation.
The line filler made all of us say "wow" out loud when we tried it inside our hands and literally watched the lines dissapear! I don't really have fine lines (yet) so I don't think I'll use it a lot but I'll defenately use it on costumers! It's so exciting! :D
The "refined zone" is something I'll have to try out for more time before telling you how I feel about it but my first impression was really good.
I only tried the powder on my hand so I can't tell you how that's going to look throughout the day but it was amazingly soft and smooth :)

We played around with the new creamteam glosses + lipsticks and the girl who did my makeup for that did the coolest lips ever :) She used Cranapple lipliner, Lickable and Lavender Whip l/s and Ever so Rich cremesheen glass. It was soooo pretty and I'll have to redo it and show you! ;)

Another thing that I'm really excited about is Sugarsweet! I love the concept and the new shadesticks were so soft and smooth :) And honestly... How can anyone resist a displayer with cupcakes on it? ;)

I know that Hello Kitty is old news to those of you living in the States and Canada but we haven't gotten the collection yet so that was included in the update as well.
I'm really excited about the collection since I love Hello Kitty and think it's all crazy cute but I'm a little disappointed that a lot of the things are repromotes and I have a lot of them already. Out of the 8 eyeshadows, 5 are either repromotes or permanent and I have 3 of those. I still seem to want both palettes though, since Too Dolly and Stylin' would be amazing colors to have ;)
Of the two pigments I already have Deep Blue Green since it's a regular PRO color and I think Milk looks an awful lot like Kitchmas which isn't exactly my favorite pigment ;) But hey, I'm a total sucker for pigments and will probably end up buying Milk anyway xD
I already have the glitters and while the lipsticks and glosses are qute they don't really excite me.
I think I'm most excited about the glitter liners! I'm a sucker for glitters and these liners are just SO pretty :)

Oh, and I got two Hello Kitty MAC t-shirts that I can't wait to wear, yay :D

Blue glitter look

Here's what I did today :)
It's pretty similar to the last look I posted. Obviously not the colors but the application :P


I used:

ArtDeco e/s base
MAC Otherworldly p/p (LE w/ McQueen in '07)
UD Peace e/s
MAC Marine Ultra pigment (PRO)
Face Atelier transforming gel
MAC Crystalled Lime glitter
GOSH blue liner (dupe of MAC Blue Herizon lll)

MAC Coygirl blush

MAC Hue l/s
MAC Fulfilled plushglass

MAC Matte texture creme (primer)
MAC Studio Tech foundation
MAC MSF Natural

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Orange-y look w/ glitter :D

I've bought some great new makeup :D
I bought most of it from people online and I've gotten:
- Urban Decay deluxe e/s palette (We don't have Urban Decay here so I'm really excited to try this!)
- MAC Acid Orange pigment
- MAC Emerald Green pigment
- MAC Crystalled Lime glitter
- MAC Crystalled Yellow glitter
- MAC Matte texture cream (whoaa, this stuff is amazing as a foundation primer! I'll make a post about it :D)
- MAC 226 brush (my favorite crease brush ever! Precise like the 219 but great for blending like the 217!)

I decided to do a look using some of the new things I got and this is what I came up with:

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
Orange from the Mehron Basic palette
MAC Acid Orange pigment (Not eyesafe!)
MAC Basic Red pigment (Not eyesafe!)
MAC Golden Lemon pigment
Face Atelier Transforming Gel
MAC Crystalled Yellow glitter
MAC Blacktrack f/l
UD Grafitti
MAC Nanogold e/s

MAC Springsheen blush

Random gloss
MAC Acid Orange pigment

MAC MSF natural Light (I just wanted to play around and didn't wanna waste my foundation ;) )

And on another note...
I'm going to update tomorrow, yaaaay :D

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saint Germain lipstick

I just heard that Saint Germain lipstick is going to be in the MAC Sugarsweet collection :)
It's been out here in Europe since the Euristocrats collection but here's a swatch for those of you who haven't seen it

1: Pink Noveau
2: Saint Germain
3: Snob
4: Girl About Town

Saint Germain is a perm. lippie in Europe but I believe it is going to be LE with Sugarsweet everywhere else.

It's an Amplified lipstick (my fave) and I really like both the color and the texture of it. However, it can be kinda hard to wear since it's so light. I'll try to do a FOTD with it soon! :)

I'd link you to Specktra for more info on new collections but the site is down :/ I'll post the link when I can get on Specktra again :P


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