Thursday, February 26, 2009

Silica powder

I haven't used 100% silica powder myself but I know a lot of people have and that a lof of people have been afraid to try after seeing a lot of users on YouTube and Specktra talking about how it can be dangerous and can cause silicosis.

At first I thought that maybe it really was dangerous but I found it weird that a huge company like Makeup Forever would sell it if there really was a health risk.
Silica has been used in all sorts of makeup for a long time and of course there's a difference between it being an ingredient in a liquid foundation and it beingn a pure powder that you can actually inhale but it still seemed weird to me that it could be that dangerous.

Now, I haven't studied the difference of silica crystalline and microspheres myself but I found this blog entry and I think it's super interesting and I'd really like you all to read it if you haven't already! :)

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Molly Loretta said...

Thanks for the pingback! I conducted a lot of research in order to provide the best information; because well there are regulations on carcinogenic materials in cosmetics. Going to read through some of your blog now, and thanks again!



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