Friday, February 13, 2009

MAC Update!

I went to update yesterday, and let me tell you... It was AWESOME :D
I probably don't have any more collection-info to share than Specktra has already but I'll share my experience ;)

I tried the new Prep+Primes that are comming out with the Colour Reday Collection (North America - April 2/International - April) and let me tell you... WOW!
There's a powder, a line filler and something called "refined zone" that will help control shine, cloak visible pores and make skin super smooth and ready for foundation.
The line filler made all of us say "wow" out loud when we tried it inside our hands and literally watched the lines dissapear! I don't really have fine lines (yet) so I don't think I'll use it a lot but I'll defenately use it on costumers! It's so exciting! :D
The "refined zone" is something I'll have to try out for more time before telling you how I feel about it but my first impression was really good.
I only tried the powder on my hand so I can't tell you how that's going to look throughout the day but it was amazingly soft and smooth :)

We played around with the new creamteam glosses + lipsticks and the girl who did my makeup for that did the coolest lips ever :) She used Cranapple lipliner, Lickable and Lavender Whip l/s and Ever so Rich cremesheen glass. It was soooo pretty and I'll have to redo it and show you! ;)

Another thing that I'm really excited about is Sugarsweet! I love the concept and the new shadesticks were so soft and smooth :) And honestly... How can anyone resist a displayer with cupcakes on it? ;)

I know that Hello Kitty is old news to those of you living in the States and Canada but we haven't gotten the collection yet so that was included in the update as well.
I'm really excited about the collection since I love Hello Kitty and think it's all crazy cute but I'm a little disappointed that a lot of the things are repromotes and I have a lot of them already. Out of the 8 eyeshadows, 5 are either repromotes or permanent and I have 3 of those. I still seem to want both palettes though, since Too Dolly and Stylin' would be amazing colors to have ;)
Of the two pigments I already have Deep Blue Green since it's a regular PRO color and I think Milk looks an awful lot like Kitchmas which isn't exactly my favorite pigment ;) But hey, I'm a total sucker for pigments and will probably end up buying Milk anyway xD
I already have the glitters and while the lipsticks and glosses are qute they don't really excite me.
I think I'm most excited about the glitter liners! I'm a sucker for glitters and these liners are just SO pretty :)

Oh, and I got two Hello Kitty MAC t-shirts that I can't wait to wear, yay :D


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