Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hot pink lips!

I found myself a new lover in Paris... It's name is Show Orchid ;)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Pink Opal pigment
MAC Scene e/s
MAC Aqualine lll
MAC Lark About pigment (LE)
Maybelline Colossal mascara (another new lover! This mascara is amazing!)

MAC Azalea blush (PRO)
MAC Pink Opal pigment

MAC Magenta lipliner
MAC Show Orchid lipstick (PRO)
MAC Lark About pigment (LE)

How to create the look:
The eyes are really simple:
- Apply whatever base you like
- Apply Pink Opal pigment from lashes to eyebrow
- Apply Scene eyeshadow in outer crease
- Apply Lark About pigment on the inner corners of your eyes. Vellum eyeshadow or Frozen White pigment could be used as well.
- Use Aqualine to line on upper lashline.

- Apply Pink Opal pigment as a highlight using a regular blush brush
- Apply Azelea blush to apples of cheeks and blend out. I only used a TINY bit! That stuff is bright! ;)

Lips - the fun part of the look ;)
- Apply Magenta lipliner and blend it in with a finger, q-tip or lip brush
- Apply Show Orchid lipstick
- Add Lark About pigment to the inner part of the lower lip as a fun, blue highlight. You could use Vellum eyeshadow or Frozen White pigment instead if you don't have Lark About :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dark purple with glitter!

This look is a couple of weeks old... I did it before I went to Paris but never got the time to post the pictures ;)

I wore it for work :) It's great to have glitters out with Metal Urge so I can actually wear glitter to work ;)

It's so sad that glitters don't show better in pictures but we all know how that is ;)

..I couldn't find any earrings that I wanted to wear so I got a little creative with liquidlasts ;)

And just to show that yes, I can smile:

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Blacktrack f/l (base, liner)
DUO glue + MAC Reflects very pink glitter
MAC Violet pigment
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s
Some highlight color
MAC Aqualine lll

MAC Pink Swoon blush
MAC Reflects very pink glitter (Doesn't show in the pics)

MAC studio touch-up stick NC 15
MAC Hue lipstick
MAC Fulfilled plushglass

MAC Studio Tech foundation NW15
MAC Light MSF natural

How to recreate the look:

- Apply whatever eyeshadow base/primer you like
- Apply a black base to your eyelid. I used Blacktrack f/l. Other options are Mehron AQ makeup, MAC Blackground paint pot, MAC Sharkskin shadestick or NYX Black Bean jumbo pencil. Even a black pencil eyeliner will do ;)
- Smudge the edge of the black base. That'll make the colors easier to blend later.
- Apply your highlight color.
- Apply Violet pigment where the black base is smudged.
- Apply Beautiful Iris to blend the Violet into the highlight. I used it on the inner corners of my eyes as well.
- Dab a thin layer of DUO lash glue onto your eyelid using a finger or a q-tip. Using a brush is a bad idea since it's super hard to get the glue of the hairs when it's dry!
- Apply the glitter where you put the DUO. That way it'll stay in place and won't get in your eyes. I used my finger but a brush or a q-tip is fine too ;)
- Apply eyeliner on upper lashline - I used Blacktrack.
- I used Blacktrack f/l with Violet pigment on top to line my lower lashline. A brush like the MAC 219 is great for this.
- Apply little dots on the inner corners of your eyes using liquidlast liner if you'd like ;)

Apply Pink Swoon blush and pink glitter using a regular blush brush. I concentrated both products on the apples of my cheeks and blended out.

- Apply concealer on your lips. Even though I use NW in foundation I like to use NC for covering my lips. That'll neutralize the red in my lips a bit.
- Apply Hue lipstick. This doesn't change the color much but it's more comfortable on the lips.
- Apply Fulfilled plushglass to add extra shine

Back from Paris :)

Wow, Paris was amazing!
I've been there before but it's even more beautiful around Christmas!

So... What did I do there?

I saw the Arc de Triomphe

Had cotton candy under the Eiffel Tower

Saw the Notre Dame de Paris

Played Nintendo DS... Great family time xD

Went to Disney Land! Badass! ;D

Ate too much (like... WAY too much!) and all that jazz.

Ohh, and guess what! I found the MAC PRO store!

Here's what I got:

Kelly Green pigment
Marine Ultra pigment
Pink Vivid pigment
Rich Purple chromaline
Velvet Moss eyeshadow
Bio Green eyeshadow
Show Orchid lipstick
Lovelorn lipstick

I've wanted Pink Vivid forever and was so excited to see that they still had it! And Velvet Moss too! :D I was stupid and forgot to ask for the eyeshadow pan instead of the pots but whatever ;) I'm really excited about the chromalines as well! So pretty :D Oh man, I wish I'd had more money! But my mom went with me and made sure I didn't buy too much, lol! That was probably a good thing though ;)

I didn't get any MAC for christmas but I got two Mehron palettes! The Tropical and the Metallic ones so I have all of them now :) I wanna do some tutorials using them - they're really amazing! :) It seems that Mehron changed the brushes in the palettes which sucks. The new ones seem to be of lower quality and are harder to use for precise application. It's not too bad though - a cheap paint brush will do the job ;)

The Mehron tropical palette

The Mehron metallic palette

I was hoping to get a camera to make videos but I didn't... I guess I'll just have to buy one when I have the money! ;)

So how did you spend Christmas? :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm too busy...

Sorry I haven't been updating a all!

I've been crazy busy with school and I was in Copenhagen last week so I wasn't able to be online at all.

I leave for Paris for Christmas on Friday so I'm probably not able to be online much around Christmas either.

I'll get tutorials, pictures, and more exciting things up as soon as I have the time :)

I've been tagged! - 16 random facts about me

I was tagged by the lovely Posey :) Take a look at her blog! She has some great reviews and she was the one who encouraged me to start blogging ;D

The deal:
once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you.

So here's the 16 random facts ;)

1 - My natural hair color is blond and I had never tried dying it until 2 years ago when I bleached it and it turned orange ;) I've since tried red, brown and black.
2 - I was born in the States but my parents moved home to Denmark before I turned 1 and I've never been there since.
3 - I speak Danish and English and have taken classes in both French and German.
4 - I used to dance Samba but don't have the time anymore
5 - I go to what equals to High School(I guess) and my major subjects are math, chemistry, and English.
6 - I just wrote a huge assignment about the history of the dyes used in makeup.
7 - When I finish school in the summer I wanna go to Canada (I have family there)
8 - I'm thinking about going to university to study computer science
9 - I have a younger brother and a younger sister
10 - I'm going to Paris for Christmas
11 - I used to work at a fast food restaurant for 2.5 years.
12 - I have my physics exam on January 6th and I'm sacred!
13 - I don't drink coffee but I love everything that taste like coffee... Chocolate, ice cream, whatever ;)
14 - I have a dream of getting full tattoo sleeves.
15 - I listen to a lot of different music - everything from Disney soundtracks to Death metal ;)
16 - I love relaxing to movies. Lord of the Rings, Fight Club and American Beauty are some of my favorites

I don't know a lot of bloggers so I tag everyone who read this! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been falling in love with so many new MAC things since I started working there!
The newest one is Odyssey lipstick.

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Iris Eyes f/l as base on inner lid
MAC Non-Conformist f/l as base on outer lid
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s
MAC Parfait Amour e/s
MAC Nocturnelle e/s
MAC Humid e/s
MAC Pop Iris liquidlast liner (DC)
MAC Crystalled purple glitter (PRO) + MAC eyeliner mixing medium (PRO)
MAC Blacktrack f/l w/ MAC Carbon e/s

MAC Gentle mineralized blush (LE)
Benefit high beam

MAC Odyssey l/s
MAC Fulfilled plushglass

MAC and Hello Kitty

I am SO EXCITED about this new collection!
It's supposed to be released in February(anniversary for Barbie '07 and Fafi '08) and there will be both regular items as well as a "Kitty Kouture" line that includes packaging with Swarowski crystals!

If you're interested in reading more about this take a look at:

Are you looking forward to the Hello Kitty makeup? :)

Prep+Prime lash

I tried MAC Prep+Prime Lash today and I LOVE it so far! It makes my lashes super long :)
I'll have to take pictures that compare my regular mascara to my regular mascara w/ prep+prime so you guys can see the difference! :)

Have you tried it? What do you think about it?
And what do you think about the other Prep+Prime products?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bright Fuchsia

Oh, the joys of bright colors and glitter! :D
I used one of the MAC reflect transparent glitters as a liner for this look and I think it's super gorgeous! The reflect transparent glitters can be used in many different ways to create some super cool effects. I used the pink one but it doesn't look like a bright pink liner - more like a shimmery silver liner that kinda reflects pink :)
I'll have to make a post about glitters soon! :D

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Bright Fuchsia pigment (PRO) This is NOT eyesafe! But hey, use it at your own risk :P
MAC Fuchsia pigment
MAC Beauty Marked e/s
MAC Shroom e/s
MAC Blacktrack f/l
MAC Reflect transparent pink glitter (PRO)
MAC Eyeliner mixing medium (PRO)

MAC Hue l/s
MAC Fulfilled plushglass

Smokey Chartreuse

I love all different kinds of smokey looks soooo much!
Here's a black/green one with a little purple glitter :p

Excuse the pictures - the lightning in my room sucks and it was dark outside so I had to use flash ;)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Blacktrack f/l as base on lid
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC Naked pigment
MAC Chartreuse pigment (PRO)
MAC Digit e/s
MAC Royal Hue s/s (DC)
MAC Crystalled purple glitter (PRO) + MAC eyeliner mixing medium (PRO)

It doesn't show in the pics so it doesn't really matter xD

MAC Impassioned l/s
MAC Fulfilled plushglass

How to create the look
- Apply eyeshadow base from lashes to eyebrow.
- Apply a black base on your eyelid. I used Blacktrack f/l. Use a finger/q-tip/brush to blend the edge to avoid harsh lines
- Apply a matte, black e/s on top of the black base. I used MAC Carbon e/s
- Apply a highlight color on your browbone. I used MAC Naked pigment
- Use a light green color to blend the black into the highlight. I used MAC Chartreuse pigment
- Apply a dark purple base on the outer part of your lower lashline. I used MAC Royal Hue s/s.
- Mix a purple glitter with eyeliner mixing medium and apply it on top of the purple base as well as on the very outer part of your upper lashline.
- Apply a highlight on your tearduct area and inner art of your lower lashline. I used a light lavender - MAC Digit e/s

- Apply Impassioned l/s and add Fulfilled plushglass on top. This combo is similar to Lustering lipstick too :)

And we're done ;D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dramatic look based on the "Love Alert" facechart

I wanted to recreate the Love Alert facechart from the MAC "Red" She Said collection - but without using any of the products ;)
This is what I came up with. It came out a little more dark and dramatic than I wanted and I wasn't able to get any good pics so you'll have to look at crappy cell phone pics. Sorry about that! But you get the idea :)

MAC "Love Alert" facechart.
You can see all the current facecharts on

I used:
MAC Untitled paint
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC mi'Lady MES (LE with Antiquitease 2007.)
MAC Blacktrack f/l

MAC Mi'Lady MES (LE with Antiquitease 2007.)

Nothing in the pictures. I added a little bit of MAC "Russian Red" l/g

Monday, November 10, 2008

Youtube tutorials

As most of you who have found my blog probably know, I make video tutorials on youtube.
If you didn't know, take a look at my channel, here: Zoffen's youtube :)

I started out doing video tutorials but my web cam was super shitty so I bought a new one that was supposed to be good at recording stuff for youtube. That didn't work much better so the last videos have been picture-tutorials.

I'd really love to do more tutorials than I do but the picture-tutorials take SO much time to do! It obviously takes a little longer to do the makeup when I have to take pictures of each step but the worst part is the editing... Ugh... Resizing and cropping all the pictures and putting them together in Movie Maker... Damn!

I don't really know what I want to do. I already wasted a lot of money on the new webcam so I don't think I'll be buying a new cam just for tutorials any time soon /:
Should I just stick to my picture tutorials or should I buy a new camera to make videos? Would it be worth it?

And while we're at it... Any ideas for tutorials I should do? :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

First day at MAC :D

I had my first day at MAC the day before yesterday!
I was super excited but really nervous at the same time.

Everything went well though! The girls I worked with were super super nice and I'm looking forward to next time I'm going to work! :D

I got the MAC employee necklace, a brush belt w/ brushes and I got to borrow the "MAC Bible" to read at home if I wanted to! I know there can be found illegal copies of the "Bible" on the Internet where the seller claims that this book will teach you how to do makeup and become a MAC Artist. While there sure is a lot of useful information in the book there's nothing that'll turn you into a makeup artist. It mostly contains information on the products, information on what ingredients do what in which products, costumer service when working for MAC and a little about makeup and color theory. All those things are really helpful when you have to know enough about the products to sell them but please don't buy the illegal copies on the Internet - the book itself is not going to turn you into a makeup artist so it's not worth it ;)

I don't think I have more to add right now but I'll keep you updated when/if something exciting happens with the job :b

Smokey eyes - red!

I always do some kind of smokey eye when I don't know how I want to do my makeup.
Smokey eyes don't have to be difficult and they're sexy ;)

This is the bold smokey eye I did yesterday :)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
Mehron Red paint
MAC Beauty Marked eyeshadow
MAC Royal Flush pigment
MAC Phloof! e/s
MAC Blacktrack f/l
GOSH White kohl pencil

MAC Royal Flush pigment

Lip balm

How to create the eyes:
- Apply an eyeshadow base from lashes to eyebrow
- Apply the red Mehron paint to the eyelid and in the crease of your eye. The Mehron paints are water activated so you have to use a wet brush for them. Blend out the edge of the paint using a q-tip or whatever brush that works for you :)
- Apply MAC Beauty Marked eyeshadow to the eyelid. Try to dab it on rather than swiping. This will give you better color payoff and minimize fallout. The red paint will make the sparkles in the eyeshadow stand out more.
- Apply your highlight color. I used MAC Phloof!.
- Use a red eyeshadow/pigment to blend the color on your lid into the highlight color. I used MAC Royal Flush pigment.
- Apply a black liner on your upper lashline. This is optional but I like a super dark line along my lashes :)
- Apply a dark eyeshadow as eyeliner on your bottom lashline. I used MAC Beauty Marked and smoked it out to avoid a harsh line.
- Apply white eyeliner on your waterline. This is optional but it opens the eyes and I think it looks great with dark eyeshadow :)
- Apply mascara

And the eyes are done :D

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hot'n Sweet collection look

I decided to do a look using the things I bought from the Hot'n Sweet collection by GOSH cosmetics :) I'm really bummed that the sparkles in the lip gloss doesn't show up in the pictures - it's the prettiest thing IRL! :/

I used:
ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Gesso eyeshadow
GOSH Pinkie effect powder
MAC Scene eyeshadow
MAC Carbon eyeshadow
MAC Shroom
GOSH Fuchsia extreme art eyeliner
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
GOSH White kohl pencil

MAC Sweet William creme blush

MAC Pink Noveau lipstick
GOSH White Bear Light'n shine lip glaze

How to recreate the look
- Apply an eyeshadow base from lashline to eyebrow
- Apply MAC Gesso e/s (matte white) on the inner ½ of your eyelid
- Apply GOSH Pinkie effect powder on the outer ½ of your lid and blend it into Gesso. You could mix this with water/mixing medium/Fix+ and apply it wet for more intensity.
- Apply MAC Scene e/s to your crease and blend upwards
- Apply a highlight on your brow bone and blend it into Scene e/s. I used MAC Shroom e/s.
- Darken your crease using MAC Carbon e/s. Blend it up into the grey but create a "cut crease" by not blending the color down onto the lid.
- Apply GOSH Fuchsia eyeliner on the inner part of your upper lashline. Stop where the white e/s meets the pink e/s
- Apply whatever black liquid/gel liner you'd like to the outer part of your upper lashline. Use little strokes to go over the pink liner a little where the two liners meet. That way it'll look a little blended.
- Apply the black liner on your lower lashline as well. Blend it out.
- Apply white eyeliner to your waterline and set it with a matte white e/s

- Apply Sweet William blushcreme using a regular blush brush.

- Apply Pink Noveau lipstick and add the GOSH White Bear lipgloss on top

And you're done! :)

GOSH Cosmetics: Hot'n Sweet

Hot'n Sweet is the autumn/winter collection by GOSH cosmetics and I am absolutely in love with it!

Click on the picture to get the full sized version including the description of the collection

The products in the collection are:

Extreme Art Eyeliners:
- 06 Olive Green (Part of the permanent line): Olive green eyeliner that I bet would look amazing with dark green smokey eyes!
- 15 Fuchsia (Limited Edition): Reminds me a lot of MAC Fuchsia pigment in eyeliner form when swatched - only a little more on the purple side. When I actually used it on my eye it reminded me more of MAC Pink Pearl pigment in eyeliner form. Take a look at the swatc and the look I posted! :)
- 16 Warm Red (Limited Edition): An orange-y red. I really liked this but I think most people would have a hard time pulling this color of as eyeliner. Would be fun for nail art though :)
- 17 Light Purple (Limited Edition): I don't think this color is anything special. Might be fun for people who wants to try colored eyeliner but don't want something too dramatic.

Light'n Shine Lip Glaze:
- 01 White Bear (Limited Edition): Clear gloss with pink sparkles
- 02 Rapid pink (Limited Edition): When I swatched this at the store I thought it was more red than pink. It has some super awesome pink and blue sparkles to it.

Eyeshadow Quads:
- Q43 HOT (Limited Edition): Contains the colors Charcoal(black), pink(soft baby pink), paprika(orange-y red) and Oyster Pearl (white with a little pink pearl to it)
- Q44 Sweet (Limited Edition): Contains the colors Plum (Dark plum), Silver ( dark grey silver), Lime Green (light green. Doesn't remind me of a lime, though), Moss(Olive green)

Effect Powders:
- 04 Pinkie (Limited Edition): Soft baby pink with a silver shimmer to it. Reminds me of a mix of MAC Fuchsia pigment and MAC Swish eyeshadow
- 05 Plummy (Limited Edition): Dark plum color.
- 06 Greeny (Limited Edition): Dark olive green. I could imagine the hottest smokey eye with this, a dark black and the Olve Green eyeliner!

What the products are:

Extreme Art Eyeliners:
These eyeliners were recently added to the permanent collection and are a lot like MAC liquidlast liners: SUPER water- and smudgeproof!
They last extremely well for both eyeliner and body art and can also be used for nail art(just remember to use a top coat!)

Light'n Shine Lip Glaze:
A lot like MAC Dazzleglass! The glitter particles are the same size(very small) so while the glitter adds a lot of shine and depth to the lips it doesn't look like a cheap glitter gloss with huge glitter chunks.
The gloss has a little mirror on the side and has lights(!!) in the lid. While it's a cute idea I really don't know when I'd use it...

Eyeshadow Quads:
Eyeshadow palettes with four different eyeshadows and a sponge tip aplicator. I love the GOSH single eyeshadows but I rarely think the quality and color payoff of the colors in the quads are the same.

Effect Powders:
If you know MAC pigments you'll know what effect powders are too ;)
They're loose makeup colors that can be used wet or dry anywhere you want to. You can even add them to your body lotion/face cream/foundation for an all over glow or use them in nail polish or hair gel!

What I got:

If I had had the money I would have gotten everything except maybe the quads... Especially the other gloss and effect powders! But I managed to limit myself to three things:
The "White Bear" lipgloss, the "Pinkie" effect powder and the "Fuchsia" eyeliner.

Swatches of White Bear, Fuchsia and Pinkie

And a comparison swatch with Pinkie, MAC Fuchsia pigment and MAC Swish eyeshadow

All swatches of pigment, effect powder and eyeshadow were done on top of ArtDeco eyeshadow base.

The collection can be found here:
GOSH - Hot'n Sweet

Friday, October 24, 2008

Starting at MAC!

I got a job at MAC! Woohoooo!

If you're interested in the process... Keep on reading ;)

Back in May I put in my resume at the local MAC counter. I got a call a couple of days later telling me that they didn't need anyone right now but that they'd keep me in mind when they had a position.
Months went by and I kinda forgot they had my resume until a day last month when I was shopping at the counter and the manager came up to me and asked if I wanted an interview! I was sooo excited! I got an interview the next week and was told to bring a model for a makeup demo.

The day of the interview I was super nervous! I didn't know how to do my makeup... Bright? Bold? Something to reflect the newest trends and collections? I ended up doing a look with the Cult of Cherry collection that had just been released here in Denmark and this is what I looked like:

I made sure to wear all black (even shoes) to look the part.
The manager greeted me and my friend and told her to sit down in front of the mirror. She gave me a brush belt and introduced me to the regional trainer who would be looking at me during the demo. The trainer took over and made it clear to me that she was there to help me and not to judge me. She was super nice and actually made me feel comfortable ;)

I have never used any of the MAC skincare products and the trainer was happy to help me choose the right products for my model and explained to me why she chose what she did.
I was told to do a look that I thought of as "day-time". It could be bold if I wanted to but I chose the Spiced Chocolate quad from Cult of Cherry to compliment my model's blue eyes and red-brown hair.
I made sure to explain what I was doing and why I used the products that I did.

After the demo the trainer told me that she loved the look I had done and that I was good at explaining what I was doing, which was important.
Both the counter manager and the trainer was there for my interview and they both asked me questions. I don't remember everything they asked but here are two of the questions as well as my answers:

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
A: Pretty much everywhere. I often look at what I'm wearing but since I would be wearing black at MAC I'd have to get my inspiration somewhere else ;) I spend a lot of time on the Internet looking at makeup looks and I get inspiration from new collections.
Q: Why do you want to work for MAC?
A: I love makeup in general and would love to work with it. What I think seperates MAC from other companies is all the variety they have in products and colors and that gives both artists and costumers a great opportunity to be creative. Creativity in makeup is really important to me and I think that's what I'm good at. I also think that Viva Glam is a great program and I love that MAC has that.

The interview was actually really comfortable and it felt more like a conversation than an actual interview. I made sure to point out that even though I don't have an education in makeup I love being creative with it and I have a fair bit of product knowledge about MAC and that I love to learn more. I also think it's important to be eager to learn more because you never learn everything about a creative profession.

I was told that I would get an answer within a week but got a call two days later telling me the job was mine if I wanted it :D Yay :D
The manager asked me if I was interested in going to update and of course I said yes! :D

Update was great and I got to know my new colleagues and got my first makeover by a MAC MA... Can you believe that? I've been so into MAC for more than a year but have never gotten a makeover at the counter!

I've just got a call from the counter manager telling me I can come pick up my schedule :) My first day is the first Thursday in November and I'm super excited to start :)

Since I now work for MAC I get access to all the products and I get even more knowledge about them when I go to basic training. However, I'm not going to make this a MAC blog! There are many good brands out there and while MAC is my favorite I like to try other things as well and be creative with all the different products on the market :)

Pink look for breast cancer awareness

Since October is the month for breast cancer awareness I figured I'd do a pink look :]

I used:

ArtDeco e/s base
MAC Fuchsia Perfect CCB
MAC Pink Opal pigment
MAC Sunset B e/s
MAC Passionate e/s
MAC Beauty Marked e/s
MAC Helium pigment
MAC Blacktrack f/l
GOSH white kohl pencil
MAC eyeliner mixing medium + silver glitter

MAC Fuchsia pigment
MAC Pink Opal pigment

GOSH Glam Pink l/l
MAC Ms Fizz dazzleglass

How to recreate the look:

- Apply a neutral primer/base from lashline to browbone. I used ArtDeco eyeshadow base
- Apply a pink base on the lid. If you use a CCB, make sure to only use a little or it'll crease.
- Apply Pink Opal pigment on the lid and as highlight. A little as highlight and a more heavy application on the lid. A pink CCB will make the pigment pop nicely on the lid :)
- Apply Passionate e/s in the crease and blend it out.
- Apply Sunset B e/s(LE w/ Starflash) to blend out Passionate
- Apply Beauty Marked e/s in the outer crease. A little goes a looooong way with this color. Make sure to blend it well.
- Apply Helium pigment on the tearduct area. You can use Pink Opal pigment for the same effect.
- Apply a black eyeliner like Blacktrack f/l on your upper lashline and wing it out.
- Apply a while eyekohl on your waterline. You can set it with a matte, white e/s if you want.
- Mix a drop of eyeliner mixing medium with silver glitter on a palette/the back of your hand and apply it under your eye using an eyeliner brush. You can use eyelash glue instead of eyeliner mixing medium but make sure to use something that keeps the glitter in place really well! You don't want the glitter to scratch your eye :)
- Apply mascara

- Apply the pink lipliner like usual and fill in the whole lip with it.
- Apply Ms. Fizz dazzleglass on top (LE w/ the Dazzleglass collection). The pink lipliner will make the dazzleglass pop really nicely :)

- Apply Fuchsia pigment lightly. I concentrated the color on the outer part of my face under my cheekbones and blended it out.
- Apply Pink Opal pigment as a highlight.

I know, I know... October is also halloween! I'm not even sure I'll get the chance to do a crazy halloween look though... Boo :/


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