Friday, October 24, 2008

Starting at MAC!

I got a job at MAC! Woohoooo!

If you're interested in the process... Keep on reading ;)

Back in May I put in my resume at the local MAC counter. I got a call a couple of days later telling me that they didn't need anyone right now but that they'd keep me in mind when they had a position.
Months went by and I kinda forgot they had my resume until a day last month when I was shopping at the counter and the manager came up to me and asked if I wanted an interview! I was sooo excited! I got an interview the next week and was told to bring a model for a makeup demo.

The day of the interview I was super nervous! I didn't know how to do my makeup... Bright? Bold? Something to reflect the newest trends and collections? I ended up doing a look with the Cult of Cherry collection that had just been released here in Denmark and this is what I looked like:

I made sure to wear all black (even shoes) to look the part.
The manager greeted me and my friend and told her to sit down in front of the mirror. She gave me a brush belt and introduced me to the regional trainer who would be looking at me during the demo. The trainer took over and made it clear to me that she was there to help me and not to judge me. She was super nice and actually made me feel comfortable ;)

I have never used any of the MAC skincare products and the trainer was happy to help me choose the right products for my model and explained to me why she chose what she did.
I was told to do a look that I thought of as "day-time". It could be bold if I wanted to but I chose the Spiced Chocolate quad from Cult of Cherry to compliment my model's blue eyes and red-brown hair.
I made sure to explain what I was doing and why I used the products that I did.

After the demo the trainer told me that she loved the look I had done and that I was good at explaining what I was doing, which was important.
Both the counter manager and the trainer was there for my interview and they both asked me questions. I don't remember everything they asked but here are two of the questions as well as my answers:

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
A: Pretty much everywhere. I often look at what I'm wearing but since I would be wearing black at MAC I'd have to get my inspiration somewhere else ;) I spend a lot of time on the Internet looking at makeup looks and I get inspiration from new collections.
Q: Why do you want to work for MAC?
A: I love makeup in general and would love to work with it. What I think seperates MAC from other companies is all the variety they have in products and colors and that gives both artists and costumers a great opportunity to be creative. Creativity in makeup is really important to me and I think that's what I'm good at. I also think that Viva Glam is a great program and I love that MAC has that.

The interview was actually really comfortable and it felt more like a conversation than an actual interview. I made sure to point out that even though I don't have an education in makeup I love being creative with it and I have a fair bit of product knowledge about MAC and that I love to learn more. I also think it's important to be eager to learn more because you never learn everything about a creative profession.

I was told that I would get an answer within a week but got a call two days later telling me the job was mine if I wanted it :D Yay :D
The manager asked me if I was interested in going to update and of course I said yes! :D

Update was great and I got to know my new colleagues and got my first makeover by a MAC MA... Can you believe that? I've been so into MAC for more than a year but have never gotten a makeover at the counter!

I've just got a call from the counter manager telling me I can come pick up my schedule :) My first day is the first Thursday in November and I'm super excited to start :)

Since I now work for MAC I get access to all the products and I get even more knowledge about them when I go to basic training. However, I'm not going to make this a MAC blog! There are many good brands out there and while MAC is my favorite I like to try other things as well and be creative with all the different products on the market :)


Posey said...

What great responses to the questions! That is so exciting! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work at MAC, but its definitely not in the cards for me!

Good job sweetie!

Keep this baby updated, lol, i check it everyday!

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

Thank you :D
I'm in school so a part time position was super for me :)
I'll update more! Life have been crazy but I have tons of ideas so I'll make sure to post as much as I can :)

Posey said...

Awesome! That is soo cool! Lucky girl! Keep this baby updated lol!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

I followed a link from Specktra over to your blog. Thanks for this info, I'm actually interested in working there sometime in the future so this was helpful :)

christinedalum said...

Oh dear, jeg skal til interview hos Mac i Århus om en måned og jeg er super nervøs! :b iha. Vil så gerne have det job!


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