Friday, October 24, 2008

Pink look for breast cancer awareness

Since October is the month for breast cancer awareness I figured I'd do a pink look :]

I used:

ArtDeco e/s base
MAC Fuchsia Perfect CCB
MAC Pink Opal pigment
MAC Sunset B e/s
MAC Passionate e/s
MAC Beauty Marked e/s
MAC Helium pigment
MAC Blacktrack f/l
GOSH white kohl pencil
MAC eyeliner mixing medium + silver glitter

MAC Fuchsia pigment
MAC Pink Opal pigment

GOSH Glam Pink l/l
MAC Ms Fizz dazzleglass

How to recreate the look:

- Apply a neutral primer/base from lashline to browbone. I used ArtDeco eyeshadow base
- Apply a pink base on the lid. If you use a CCB, make sure to only use a little or it'll crease.
- Apply Pink Opal pigment on the lid and as highlight. A little as highlight and a more heavy application on the lid. A pink CCB will make the pigment pop nicely on the lid :)
- Apply Passionate e/s in the crease and blend it out.
- Apply Sunset B e/s(LE w/ Starflash) to blend out Passionate
- Apply Beauty Marked e/s in the outer crease. A little goes a looooong way with this color. Make sure to blend it well.
- Apply Helium pigment on the tearduct area. You can use Pink Opal pigment for the same effect.
- Apply a black eyeliner like Blacktrack f/l on your upper lashline and wing it out.
- Apply a while eyekohl on your waterline. You can set it with a matte, white e/s if you want.
- Mix a drop of eyeliner mixing medium with silver glitter on a palette/the back of your hand and apply it under your eye using an eyeliner brush. You can use eyelash glue instead of eyeliner mixing medium but make sure to use something that keeps the glitter in place really well! You don't want the glitter to scratch your eye :)
- Apply mascara

- Apply the pink lipliner like usual and fill in the whole lip with it.
- Apply Ms. Fizz dazzleglass on top (LE w/ the Dazzleglass collection). The pink lipliner will make the dazzleglass pop really nicely :)

- Apply Fuchsia pigment lightly. I concentrated the color on the outer part of my face under my cheekbones and blended it out.
- Apply Pink Opal pigment as a highlight.

I know, I know... October is also halloween! I'm not even sure I'll get the chance to do a crazy halloween look though... Boo :/


Posey said...

Zoffe, this look is soft but bright at the same time! I love it!

And i LOVE the lips!

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

Thanks :D
I'm so excited that there are a couple of Dazzleglasses out with Red she said! And I'm hoping they are being made perm next year like some people have talked about... They're so amazing! :)


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