Friday, May 22, 2009

My most watched makeup-YouTubers

I wanted to share some of my favorite makeup-YouTubers with you guys :D

I rarely(if ever) recreate a look I've seen in a tutorial but I love to watch videos for inspiration and to discover new products :)

You probably already know most of the people I'm going to mention, but if not, I think you should check them out :)
I'm in no way trying to get this post to be a popularity contest or anything of that sort - it's simply about inspiration :)
  • ApropoMakeup because her tecniques are amazing and she's truly inspiring even though her style very different from other artists that I follow.
  • Eily because I love the more creative looks that she does.
  • Enkore because he has some great tips, is really fun and always super helpful. I'm not a huge fan of his makeup tutorials but I think he's awesome anyway and I love watching his videos ;)
  • IWanted2c1video because she's really creative. A lot of the things she do are way over the top but that's what makes it fun to look at! :)
  • Jude just seems like the sweetest girl! She is extremely talented, has some fun video series like "From the Runway to Everyday" and is just really fun to watch! I also like how she uses so many different brands and combinations all the time. She's really great at explaining what she does and why, too! :)
  • MakeupGeek because she updates often and she's great at explaining everything she does.
  • MayParis because of her extremely fun but still wearable nail tutorials!
  • MissChievous because of her creativity and style. Always very informative and entertaining videos.
  • MonroeMisfitMakeup because I love her style! She just uploaded a new video after being MIA for some time, yay :)
  • Panacea81 because she has an amazing story and I love hearing about how things work out for her. She doesn't always have the best looks IMHO but she's a sweetheart :)
  • Petrilude because he's fun, awesome and talented! Enough said ;)
  • Pixiwoo because they are both amazing and knowledgeable makeup artists and it inspires me to see how they work.
  • Risa because she always inspire me with her looks! I've been a fan of her forever because of Specktra so I was super excited when she started doing tutorials :)
  • Soeth23 because I love the color combos and looks she comes up with
  • WetPaintMakeupArtist because they have an amazing style and do some great looks. I'm not always a fan of their attitude but I love the makeup they do! :D
  • xSparkage because she is so fun and sweet to watch! :) Her videos always make me happy, haha :D


Pawssies said...

i love the color combos of Soeth23 too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

She creates some fun combos but her looks are still wearable IMO :)
Glad to see someone else watches her viedos, they're worth it! :)

Silverbright said...

You're brillant=) I never thought about makeup tutorials on YT... until I came across one of yours! Loved your pink + purple one. Thanks for posting this too. Now I have a clue who to tune into=)


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