Monday, January 4, 2010

GOSH haul

I guess I'm lucky these days!
Last week I got 50% off on these MAC goodies, and yesterday I was lucky enough to walk by a store that had GOSH products for 50% off!
Actually, all their cosmetics were 50% off, but the only things they had left that I wanted were these GOSH products!

  • Extreme Art Eyeliner #25 - I love the Extreme Art Eyeliners! Very similar to the MAC liquidlast liners with the only difference being that the GOSH ones come in a much better variety of colors! Hear that, MAC?! GOSH makes more colors than you now!
    The one I got is a very dark gray. Not the most exciting color but I just realized that I don't own a gray liquid liner!
  • Soft 'n Shine lip balm #39 Sweetheart - For the longest time, I refused to buy the Soft 'n Shine lip balms because I think they're a MAC Slimshine knock-off. However, after seeing all the MAC slimshines being discontinued(What's up with that MAC?!), I thought that I might as well try this and see how it compares. The color I got is a very pretty soft pink.
  • Yellow Sea Horse effect powder - Have I ever mentioned that I love effect powders?! This color is a pale yellow with a green duochrome to it, very similar to MAC Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow.
  • #101 On Stage cool lip jam - The On Stage cool lip jams feel kinda cooling on the lips (which I imagine is why they got their name?) and I think they're my favorite lip product from GOSH. This color is clear but has a blue duochrome to it which makes it very similar to Benefit California Kissin' lipgloss.
  • #105 On Stage cool lip jam - This color is very different from the other ones I own! It's amazingly pigmented and has a very cool looking blue-violet duochrome too it.


Emma (girlwiththearabstrap) said...

Ooh i like the look of the 101 cool lip jam. :) xo

Lipstick Rules said...

Great haul! I just got the Cool Jam and the liner recently but have yet to try. I'm curious now about that gold powder!!

Vanessa M. said...

wow! awesome!!! ive never tried gosh will have to soon!

Marie said...

Cool Lip Jam är bäst, jag har också nr 105! Och två till :) De är klibbiga och sitter bra, det gillar jag!

VampiressDoll said...

We only have a couple of shades half price over here.
Lucky sales! I have the blue gloss and it's delicious. x


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