Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MAC Update day

I just got home from MAC Update!

What a crazy day!
Right now I'm going straight to bed, but I'll make a post about the Update tomorrow!
I also have mascara reviews coming up as well as a review on the new Mineralize SPF15 foundation!

05:20 am - I get out of bed
05:55 am - I leave the house. My dad drove me to the station.
06:10 am - I arrive at the station in time to get some breakfast before getting on the train
06:30 am - The train leaves from Århus
09:30 am - The train arrives at Copenhagen
09:40 am - I have to take another train to Vallensbæk where the Updateis held
10:10 am - I arrive at Update (40 minutes late because there's no earlier train that we can take!)
06:00 pm - Update is over
06:12 pm - Taking that train back to Copenhagen
06:40 pm - Have 10 minutes to grab some food
06:50 pm - The train leaves from Copenhagen. I was supposed to have Internet all the way home in the train but I didn't, so I ended up reading (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) instead of blogging, which I originally intended.
09:40 pm - The train arribes in Århus
09:40 pm - I have to wait 30 minutes for my bus
10:10 pm - The bus leaves
10:30 pm - I'm home (And I got a package with some MAC PRO things that I had someone CP me! Yayyy :D)

THAT's what I call a long day!


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