Thursday, January 7, 2010


I think just invented a new abbreviation ;D
So, what does POTD mean?
Product of the Day!

What does that mean?
I want to start doing posts featuring random makeup+beauty products, talking about what I like about them and what I use them for :)

So far, I have a couple of POTDs written and ready to post whenever I get pictures taken for them, and it seems like some of them are going to be more like mini-reviews while others are going to focus more on swatches. We'll see how everything works out :)

I do have quite a lot of different makeup brands in my collection but most of what I have is MAC, so the majority of the products featured will probably be MAC. Not because I don't like other brands but because MAC products are what I have most of! ;)

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Lipstick Rules said...

Love the abbreviation! Great idea! I bet it will start to get used by others :-)


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