Saturday, January 9, 2010

POTD: GOSH Rainbow nailpolish

I've mentioned this polish before, but it's been a while so I think I can do it again now :D

Confused about POTD? Read this post :)

It's such a gorgeous polish! It has a clear base with multi-colored flakes.
The magic doesn't happen when you apply this polish by itself though - it needs to be layered on top of something else to really make it work :)

It works with pretty much any color!

My favorites are on top of a black like China Glace Liquid Leather

or on top of a dark purple like China Glaze Let's Groove

I took pictures on top of a lot more colors, so keep reading if you want to see! ;)

GOSH Rainbow on top of China Glaze Thunderbird

GOSH Rainbow on top of GOSH Pink Panther

GOSH Rainbow on top of GOSH Peachy

GOSH Rainbow on top of GOSH Crazy Yellow
I really like the subtle (but gorgeous) effect Rainbow gives on top of yellow polishes!

GOSH Rainbow on top of GOSH Great Green

GOSH Rainbow on top of GOSH Cool Blue

GOSH Rainbow on top of GOSH Ocean

GOSH Rainbow on top of China Glaze Frostbite

Yup. That's real and cold snow!

Please let me know if you liked this post. I'd love to hear what you think about it :)


Phyrra said...

I love that Gosh nail polish, it's a gorgeous flakey! It reminds me of the Nfu.Oh polishes I have!

rijaH said...

Den er da helt vild skøn! Hva nr. har den? Mere om den er ny eller gammel i deres sortiment ;D

Zoffe said...

Phyrra - I saw some swatches of Nfu.Oh flakies on a blog a while ago and have been wanting to try them really bad since :P Where did you get yours? I remember that I wasn't able to find a site that sold them.

rihaH - 546 og det er en de har fast! :)

Phyrra said...

Hi Zoffe,
I have 5 or 6 bottles of the Nfu.Oh and I bought them from a seller on ebay. However, the prices have gone up from $7 a bottle (which is high but ok, I normally buy Color Club and China Glaze and OPI online for anywhere from $2 to $5), to $12 a bottle.

rijaH said...

Ah hvor fedt! ;D Men så er det også en af de nyere når den har sådan et højt nummer, men den vil jeg da helt sikkert kigge efter :D

gildedangel said...

Yeah...I am drooling on my keyboard at this point... :P

~Cindy said...

You can get Nfu Oh from ARE awesome, I love me some flakies! What I would like to know is where on earth to find this GOSH polish? I've been searching forever....!

TANYA said...

hey zoffe!!!
first of all, love your blog. your makeup skills are to die for.
I also wanted to know where did you get rainbow-gosh from? I live in the US but haven't seen it anywhere.
thanks in advance


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