Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NOTD: Peachy & Rainbow

NOTD - or nails of the day ;)

If you saw my "Recent makeup buys"-post you most likely saw the pretty nail polishes that I got :)

Here's a picture of my nails "wearing" GOSH's Peachy nail polish w/ GOSH Rainbow nail polish on top:

And a close-up

Please excuse my not so gorgeous nails and the semi-crappy application. I just wanted to see how the two polishes would look layered :)

I really love those "flakie" nail polishes! They add a bit of fun to any boring polish I have sitting unloved on the shelve ;)
Now I just need to find out where to get more! ;)

I haven't done any NOTD posts before and there's a reason for that...
My nails don't look great and I've been too impatient to do anything about it. Before my polish dries I've usually screwed it up. But that was before I found out about quick drying sprays and top coats! ;) Since discovering those I've been much happier to experiment.
That being said, I'm in no way a nail expert! And I haven't tried many of the popular brands like China Glaze and O.P.I - only because I don't have access to them where I live.
I do plan on making an online order though! ;)

Please let me know what you think about these types of posts :)


~Cindy said...

Yes, PLEASE, NOTD's!! (I actually found you through a nail blog!) Since I have even more nail polish than I do make-up, (and I change my polish daily!) I feel comfortable saying that Seche Vite is my favorite topcoat! Dry to the touch in about 30 seconds and completely solid dry in just a few minutes. Super glossy, and really long lasting. I use mostly China Glaze polish; check out their OMG! and Kaleidoscope collections for major holographic bling overload! (especially the Kaleidoscopes!) I am in the States and order mine through www.head2toebeauty.com; they are great. OH! And have you seen the Nfu Oh polishes?? The BEST Flakies on the PLANET! They aren't in the States, so I don't have any, wahh....but I want them, BAD.

Crissy said...

More NOTDs!

Your nails don't look bad! Reminds me... I need one of those drying sprays. Ahh those were great lol

I really like the rainbow bit.

Zoffe said...

Thank you so much for all the recs Cindy! :) I've heard a lot of good things about Seche Vite so I think I'll try to find it online :) I've also heard great things about head2toebeauty (even for international orders) so I'll try ordering from there as soon as I feel I have the money for it, haha :D I like to buy a lot at a time when I order online ;) I've seen swatches of the Nfu Oh polishes and they look absolutely amaziiiing! I wish I knew where to get them! :)

Thank you Crissy! I'll definitely be doing more NOTDs in the future! :)


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