Monday, June 22, 2009

Pink + Purple makeup look + tutorial

So I'm back from my uncle and aunt ;)
I did this look before I went to visit them but I never got a chance to post it so here it is :)

And a couple of pictures with glasses on ;)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
Wolfe Brothers Neon Magenta colour (You can get the palette here and the single colour here)
GOSH #281 e/s (pink)
MAC Fuchsia pigment
MAC Endless Love e/s (LE or DC?)
MAC Naked pigment
MAC Waveline f/l
MAC Rave pearlglide eye pencil (LE w/ Suite Arrays '08)
MAC Violet pigment
MAC Lovely Lily pigment (LE w/ Naughty Nauticals '08)
MAC Girl Groove glitter liner (LE w/ Hello Kitty '09)

Benefit Erase Paste
MAC Hyperreal foundation NC100 (wow, I can actually use this without looking yellow!!)
MAC MSF Natural Light

Benefit Posie Tint

Makeup Store Starlips Marbella


KiLLaCaM said...

I love the lining on the lower lash! it's like a revamped arabic style eye. absolutely gorgeous!

Crissy said...

ah for some reason the video isn't working.

i really love the pink and liner :]

~Cindy said...

Watched your new Tutorial tonight with my daughter Megann and we both loved it! (and no having to try to look down inside the camera this time, did great!) I loved the look, very pretty on you! I'd love to see a purple and green look on you, just an idea! Thanks for giving my daughter and I another fun thing to do together; watch you! This is from my daughter Megann: ^,..,^
(she says this is vampire face, it's a compliment I promise!)and this is from me: ;)

Nailz-In-Aus said...

y0ur g0rjuz hun


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