Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recent makeup buys :)

Here's a little picture of some of my recent makeup buys :)

I've gotten:

Style Warriors:
  • MAC Pink Rebel, Sun Rush and Bronze Hero lustre drops
  • MAC Bright Future and Night Maneuvers eyeshadows
  • MAC Brave New Bronze l/s
  • MAC Gold Rebel l/g (not pictured 'cus I couldn't find it?)
  • MAC Scatterrays and Bronzescape solar bits

    I'm really excited about the items I got from this collections! I love the lustre drops and I'll have a tut using them up soon.Brave New Bronze is one of my favorite nude colored lipsticks and it's even prettier with Gold Rebel on top!

  • Clinique sun-care body cream SPF 50

    I'm looking forward to trying this. I like that it doesn't smell like the usual sun screen but I'm hoping it won't feel gross and oily like most sun screens do.

  • Sally Hansen Diamond Shine top + Base coat

    Another product I haven't tried before. I'm always looking for a top coat that will make my nailpolish last longer... Hopefully this will!
  • Bobby Brown Red Plum lip crayon (w/ sharpener)
  • Bobby Brown Tawny blush
    I've heard good things about Bobby Brown so I wanted to try it out for myself. These colors are not something I'd usually pick out for myself but they were on sale so I wanted to give them a try.
  • MAC Most Popular l/s (LE w/ Hello Kitty '09)
  • ArtDeco eyeshadow base
    Because I'm almost out of my old one ;)
  • GOSH "Love that purple!" eyeshadow stick
    I hadn't tried the GOSH eyeshadow sticks before but they reminded me a lot of MAC shadesticks (only these are available in many more colors than the shadesticks now) so I wanted to try them out. I've used this twice and while it doesn't last on its own it lasts well on top of another base and it applies smoothly.
  • GOSH ON STAGE #100 cool lip jam
    I've been looking at this product for some time and finally got it when I found it on sale today. It looks white in the tube but has kind of a blue duochrome/pearl to it so I'm excited to try this on top of different lipsticks! :)
    Another reason to be excited about this, is that it's actually a unique GOSH product and not some dupe of a MAC or Makeup Store product.
  • GOSH 570 Peachy and 546 Rainbow nailpolishes
    I gave in and bought a coral colored nail polish! And I couldn't help buying Rainbow as well since it's super pretty with orange-y flakies :)


em said...

wow there's some great items you've got there! Love style warriors! what are your faves from what you've picked up?

Zoffe said...

It's always hard for me to choose favorites - I end up saying all of them, haha! :P

I'm really really glad I got the Sun Rush lustre drops since it makes my skin look really glowy and healthy.
I'm also excited about the GOSH cool lip jam since it's a really unique product.
The GOSH eyeshadow stick is a great product too but it's just a copy of the MAC shadesticks... I'd really rather see GOSH come out with their own things (like the cool lip jams) ;)

ieatmodestmouse said...

try keeping your nail polish in the fridge...sometimes when its too hot out it ruins the polish and then it doesn't last as long on your nails.

always works for me!

Zoffe said...

I've actually heard about storing nail polishes in the fridge before :) I've never done it myself though - I don't have room for them all in the fridge :P But it sounds like a good tip! :)

Rocaille said...

Just yesterday I bought Sally Hansen Mega Shine topcoat, I heard it works even better than Seche Vite which so many beauty gurus enjoy using. And I was sooo tempted by GOSH Peachy nailpolish, it was on sale for 3 CAD! But I resisted... Great haulage! xxx

Zoffe said...

I saw TiffanyD talk about the Mega Shine top coat in a youtube video and wanted to get that but accidentally got the Diamond one instead! I decided to keep it and try it. I'm already wearing it now and it dried so quickly! I really just hope that it lasts well too :)
How do you like the Mega Shine top coat?
Wow, I can't believe you could resist it for 3 CAD! Good job! :P I paid about 13 CAD for it here, haha! xD

Deborah said...

I love GOSH. Those eyeshadow sticks are brilliant as a base. Don't think I could be bothered to try them alone. Their lipglosses are great too. Some of the best on the highstreet.

Loving you blog and your FOTD's. very pretty :)


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