Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Simple Style Warrior look

I'm sorry if you're all tired of hearing about the Style Warrios collection but it just came out here in Denmark last week and I wanted to do a look using some of the products that I got :)
To me, the collection was super inspiring! At first, I felt like doing something bold and crazy but this look is actually nothing like that.
I tried the Sun Rush lustre drops on my cheeks and fell in love. It makes my pale complexion look more glowy and healthy and adds a bit of color without making me look fake ;)

I used:

MAC Bare Canvas paint
MAC Scatterrays s/b (LE w/ Style Warriors '09)
MAC Bronzescape s/b (LE w/ Style Warriors '09)
MAC Night Maneuvers e/s (LE w/ Style Warriors '09)

MAC Hyperreal foundation NC100 (DC)

MAC Sun Rush lustre drops (LE w/ Style Warriors '09)
Cheap, brown blush

MAC Brave New Bronze l/s (LE w/ Style Warriors '09)


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