Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trend S/S '09: Black to Earth

Another trend this season is called "Black to Earth" and while I really like it, I haven't seen it as much as the hydraluminous trend - probably because it's much bolder and harder to pull off.

It's about smudged eyeliner and shiny, creased eyeshadow, as well as black, black and a little bit of dark blue ;)

Black to Earth is about being messy with your makeup but as we all know, you have to know what you are doing to make messy look good.

The textures used for Black to Earth are creamy just like in Hydraluminous but the makeup itself is much more obvious in Black to Earth.

Makeup products that could be used to create a Black to Earth look:
  • Eye kohls! Especially colours like MAC Blooz and Smolder. Eye kohls are great for this trend because they are creamy and easily smudged.
  • MAC Gloss texture cream. This can be used over eyeshadows to make them super shine but it also makes them crease since it doesn't dry. This might be a bit crazy for everyday wear but it sure is fun for photo shoots :)
  • MAC Black Black pigment - It's black and you can mix it with anything! I know it says on it that it isn't lip safe, but I think it would make an amazing lip colour - on its own or to deepen other shades ;)
  • Mineral eyeshadows. Using these with a wet brush will give you that wet/glossy look.
  • Your fingers: I always recommend using brushes for makeup, but try applying your eyeshadows with a brush and blending them with your finger for a less precise look. Fingers are also a great tool to blend/smudge eyeliner, since the warmth of your skin will help melt the liner.
So, is this trend actually wearable? Yes, I think it is!
Using the mineral eyeshadows to get the wet look helps the makeup last longer than using the gloss would. Smudging eyeliner and eyeshadow is a great and easy way to create a nice smokey eye. The eyeshadow creasing is not very wearable but as with any other trend, it is about taking the parts of the trend that works for you and ignoring the parts that don't! :)


em said...

sounds interesting! and potentially hot! I like the idea of taking what you like from a trend and making ti work for you.

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