Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GOSH Cosmetics: Hot'n Sweet

Hot'n Sweet is the autumn/winter collection by GOSH cosmetics and I am absolutely in love with it!

Click on the picture to get the full sized version including the description of the collection

The products in the collection are:

Extreme Art Eyeliners:
- 06 Olive Green (Part of the permanent line): Olive green eyeliner that I bet would look amazing with dark green smokey eyes!
- 15 Fuchsia (Limited Edition): Reminds me a lot of MAC Fuchsia pigment in eyeliner form when swatched - only a little more on the purple side. When I actually used it on my eye it reminded me more of MAC Pink Pearl pigment in eyeliner form. Take a look at the swatc and the look I posted! :)
- 16 Warm Red (Limited Edition): An orange-y red. I really liked this but I think most people would have a hard time pulling this color of as eyeliner. Would be fun for nail art though :)
- 17 Light Purple (Limited Edition): I don't think this color is anything special. Might be fun for people who wants to try colored eyeliner but don't want something too dramatic.

Light'n Shine Lip Glaze:
- 01 White Bear (Limited Edition): Clear gloss with pink sparkles
- 02 Rapid pink (Limited Edition): When I swatched this at the store I thought it was more red than pink. It has some super awesome pink and blue sparkles to it.

Eyeshadow Quads:
- Q43 HOT (Limited Edition): Contains the colors Charcoal(black), pink(soft baby pink), paprika(orange-y red) and Oyster Pearl (white with a little pink pearl to it)
- Q44 Sweet (Limited Edition): Contains the colors Plum (Dark plum), Silver ( dark grey silver), Lime Green (light green. Doesn't remind me of a lime, though), Moss(Olive green)

Effect Powders:
- 04 Pinkie (Limited Edition): Soft baby pink with a silver shimmer to it. Reminds me of a mix of MAC Fuchsia pigment and MAC Swish eyeshadow
- 05 Plummy (Limited Edition): Dark plum color.
- 06 Greeny (Limited Edition): Dark olive green. I could imagine the hottest smokey eye with this, a dark black and the Olve Green eyeliner!

What the products are:

Extreme Art Eyeliners:
These eyeliners were recently added to the permanent collection and are a lot like MAC liquidlast liners: SUPER water- and smudgeproof!
They last extremely well for both eyeliner and body art and can also be used for nail art(just remember to use a top coat!)

Light'n Shine Lip Glaze:
A lot like MAC Dazzleglass! The glitter particles are the same size(very small) so while the glitter adds a lot of shine and depth to the lips it doesn't look like a cheap glitter gloss with huge glitter chunks.
The gloss has a little mirror on the side and has lights(!!) in the lid. While it's a cute idea I really don't know when I'd use it...

Eyeshadow Quads:
Eyeshadow palettes with four different eyeshadows and a sponge tip aplicator. I love the GOSH single eyeshadows but I rarely think the quality and color payoff of the colors in the quads are the same.

Effect Powders:
If you know MAC pigments you'll know what effect powders are too ;)
They're loose makeup colors that can be used wet or dry anywhere you want to. You can even add them to your body lotion/face cream/foundation for an all over glow or use them in nail polish or hair gel!

What I got:

If I had had the money I would have gotten everything except maybe the quads... Especially the other gloss and effect powders! But I managed to limit myself to three things:
The "White Bear" lipgloss, the "Pinkie" effect powder and the "Fuchsia" eyeliner.

Swatches of White Bear, Fuchsia and Pinkie

And a comparison swatch with Pinkie, MAC Fuchsia pigment and MAC Swish eyeshadow

All swatches of pigment, effect powder and eyeshadow were done on top of ArtDeco eyeshadow base.

The collection can be found here:
GOSH - Hot'n Sweet


Posey said...

WOW i love that promo pic and am awaiting the pics!
To be honest, this is only the second time ive even heard the name Gosh cosmetics! lol.

i may have to check them out!

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

Just got the pictures up :)
GOSH is really worth checking out! Their Velvet Touch eyeliner pencils, extreme art eyeliners and effect powders are all awesome :)
The eyeshadows are great as well but they don't have very many to choose from.

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