Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smokey Chartreuse

I love all different kinds of smokey looks soooo much!
Here's a black/green one with a little purple glitter :p

Excuse the pictures - the lightning in my room sucks and it was dark outside so I had to use flash ;)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Blacktrack f/l as base on lid
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC Naked pigment
MAC Chartreuse pigment (PRO)
MAC Digit e/s
MAC Royal Hue s/s (DC)
MAC Crystalled purple glitter (PRO) + MAC eyeliner mixing medium (PRO)

It doesn't show in the pics so it doesn't really matter xD

MAC Impassioned l/s
MAC Fulfilled plushglass

How to create the look
- Apply eyeshadow base from lashes to eyebrow.
- Apply a black base on your eyelid. I used Blacktrack f/l. Use a finger/q-tip/brush to blend the edge to avoid harsh lines
- Apply a matte, black e/s on top of the black base. I used MAC Carbon e/s
- Apply a highlight color on your browbone. I used MAC Naked pigment
- Use a light green color to blend the black into the highlight. I used MAC Chartreuse pigment
- Apply a dark purple base on the outer part of your lower lashline. I used MAC Royal Hue s/s.
- Mix a purple glitter with eyeliner mixing medium and apply it on top of the purple base as well as on the very outer part of your upper lashline.
- Apply a highlight on your tearduct area and inner art of your lower lashline. I used a light lavender - MAC Digit e/s

- Apply Impassioned l/s and add Fulfilled plushglass on top. This combo is similar to Lustering lipstick too :)

And we're done ;D


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