Saturday, November 8, 2008

First day at MAC :D

I had my first day at MAC the day before yesterday!
I was super excited but really nervous at the same time.

Everything went well though! The girls I worked with were super super nice and I'm looking forward to next time I'm going to work! :D

I got the MAC employee necklace, a brush belt w/ brushes and I got to borrow the "MAC Bible" to read at home if I wanted to! I know there can be found illegal copies of the "Bible" on the Internet where the seller claims that this book will teach you how to do makeup and become a MAC Artist. While there sure is a lot of useful information in the book there's nothing that'll turn you into a makeup artist. It mostly contains information on the products, information on what ingredients do what in which products, costumer service when working for MAC and a little about makeup and color theory. All those things are really helpful when you have to know enough about the products to sell them but please don't buy the illegal copies on the Internet - the book itself is not going to turn you into a makeup artist so it's not worth it ;)

I don't think I have more to add right now but I'll keep you updated when/if something exciting happens with the job :b

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Posey said...

How awesome Zoffe!
Sounds so exciting!


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