Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hot'n Sweet collection look

I decided to do a look using the things I bought from the Hot'n Sweet collection by GOSH cosmetics :) I'm really bummed that the sparkles in the lip gloss doesn't show up in the pictures - it's the prettiest thing IRL! :/

I used:
ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Gesso eyeshadow
GOSH Pinkie effect powder
MAC Scene eyeshadow
MAC Carbon eyeshadow
MAC Shroom
GOSH Fuchsia extreme art eyeliner
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
GOSH White kohl pencil

MAC Sweet William creme blush

MAC Pink Noveau lipstick
GOSH White Bear Light'n shine lip glaze

How to recreate the look
- Apply an eyeshadow base from lashline to eyebrow
- Apply MAC Gesso e/s (matte white) on the inner ½ of your eyelid
- Apply GOSH Pinkie effect powder on the outer ½ of your lid and blend it into Gesso. You could mix this with water/mixing medium/Fix+ and apply it wet for more intensity.
- Apply MAC Scene e/s to your crease and blend upwards
- Apply a highlight on your brow bone and blend it into Scene e/s. I used MAC Shroom e/s.
- Darken your crease using MAC Carbon e/s. Blend it up into the grey but create a "cut crease" by not blending the color down onto the lid.
- Apply GOSH Fuchsia eyeliner on the inner part of your upper lashline. Stop where the white e/s meets the pink e/s
- Apply whatever black liquid/gel liner you'd like to the outer part of your upper lashline. Use little strokes to go over the pink liner a little where the two liners meet. That way it'll look a little blended.
- Apply the black liner on your lower lashline as well. Blend it out.
- Apply white eyeliner to your waterline and set it with a matte white e/s

- Apply Sweet William blushcreme using a regular blush brush.

- Apply Pink Noveau lipstick and add the GOSH White Bear lipgloss on top

And you're done! :)


Posey said...

OMGosh i LOVE that lip color.
The eyes are to die for!

Love how you to 2 eyeline colors!

I may have to check this brand out!

Thanks for the look and re-create info!

Sofie (Zoffe) Sørensen said...

Thank you Posey! :D
Def. check out the brand if you have a chance to :)


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