Friday, September 4, 2009

10 things I wish I was the owner of - makeup, clothes and bag lemmings

This post is pretty different from the ones I usually do, but I've been lying in bed with my computer all day since I've been sick, and so I've spent my day browsing the Internet for goodies that my bank account probably doesn't think I should buy, and I wanted to share the things that I found + some things I've been thinking about getting for some time! ;)

Paul's Boutique ASOS Exclusive Neon PB Wallet - £30.00 on
I've never seen any of the Paul's Boutique items IRL, but I found a couple of things on and completely fell in love! The things are pretty over the top and some would probably call them tacky, but I think they look amazing!
Paul's Boutique Union Jack Padlock Bag - £60 on
Another asos find from Paul's Boutique. I think this bag would look great with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket!

Paul’s Boutique Loves Barbie Customised Leopard Padlock Bag - £80.00 on
I could have put many more of the PB-bags and purses in this post, but this will be the last! ;)
Over the top + leopard print + pink + Barbie = Love!
I mean, how can I not fall in love with this?!

Migi nail art set - $99.99 on
I've been seeing these nail art pens in a few YT videos lately, and I really want to try them out! I guess the conclusion is, that it does work when companies uses YT gurus for marketing!

MAC MSF in "Cheeky Bronze" which came out with the Colour Craft collection. I guess it's sold out at most counters/stores, but my counter still has it and I've been wanting to get it since it came out! It's the prefect blend of bronzy glow and pink colour!

OPI & China Glaze nail polishes - 4.95 & $2.99 on
I've been wanting to try both of these brands for a really long time now. My problem is, that I can't get them where I live and the shipping from online retailers is pretty expensive.
I do think that the shipping costs would be worth it, but whenever I try to decide which colours I want, I am completely overwhelmed, haha! :D

B never too busy to be beautiful eyeshadow - £8.30 on
How pretty is that packaging?!
OK, it's silly to want it just because of the packaging. Especially since the packaging is kind of tacky-looking. But I just can't help it, haha! ;)

Illamasqua sirens collection eyelashes - £11 on
I've been wanting to try some of the Illamasqua products ever since I first heard of them and this pair of lashes caught my eye :)

Forever21 Zipper Accent Slvls Jacket - $27.80 on
I'm obsessed with pretty much all things leather. Real or fake, belts, trousers, skirts og jackets.
I just wish we had a Forever21 here so I could try it before buying! Clothes like this has to fit really well to look good IMO.

I'm also completely in love with a pair of perfectly unpractical platform stilettos from H&M but I couldn't find a picture of those :( I'll share them with you if I get them, haha :D

I'd love to know what you think of posts like this - and what YOU'VE been obsessing with/wanting to get yourself :)


Adele said...

I love posts like this but the only problem is that it makes me want stuff too...haha!
The bags are gorgeous...I see why you like them.

Get well soon x

Anonymous said...

Love those lashes! And that dress is so cute!!

~Cindy said...

Hi Girl!
While I can't help your lemming of the other stuff, lol......I CAN help you with the OPI and China Glazes! (I don't sell them but I can get them easily, shipping from me might just be cheaper than from a company) Email me at if you are interested, we could do a straight buy or maybe even a swap as I have quite a bit of China Glaze and a few OPI's.......and I already ship internationally on a daily basis for my company so it would be no problem to ship yours too. (I own the company, LOL!)

Athina said...

love the union jack-bag. I definately wish I owned that.

Anonymous said...

I like the leopard print hand bag. Nice blog btw!

Anonymous said...

P.S. What is lemming?

Blogger said...

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