Friday, September 11, 2009

Night Violet mattene <3 look + tutorial!

Since Night Violet mattene is being re-released with Style Black soon, I figured I'd do a look with it :)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Polished Ivory pigment (DC PRO)
MAC Rich Flesh e/s (LE w/ N collection '08)
MAC Black Funk e/l (LE w/ the '08 holiday collection)
MAC Vex e/s
MAC Pink Opal pigment
MAC Point Black lll
GOSH white kohl pencil

MAC Studio Tint "Light"
MAC MSF natural "Light"

MAC Strada blush (DC)
MAC Pink Opal pigment

MAC Nightmoth l/l
MAC Night Violet mattene (LE w/ Mattene '07 and Style Black '09)


Anonymous said...

This look is gorgeous! I think I'm convinced to buy Night Violet now...! ;D

Vanessa M. said...

omg the last pic is beautiful

Ciara Kenadie said...

it's a pretty simple look but it's so beautiful!

Beeks said...

That looks like it would be a hard colour for me to pull off but it's gorgeous on you!

em said...

amazing! dark lips look fab on you- you make it look so easy to wear! xo

Mama Jen said...

love it!! beautiful...that is for sure one thing i will be buying from the collection

Jasmin said...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, I guess I know at least one more thing I'll be buying from that collection!

Anonymous said...

Love the contrast with your skin, the whole look is just perfectly put together. I donnow if I could pull it off...

Thepunkcat said...

You are so pretty!!! :D
And the look is overall gorgeous, love the lips and the eyeliner.

Cheryl said...

You are breath-takingly beautiful!

Lipstick Rules said...



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