Sunday, April 3, 2011

Favorites of the month: March '11

I've really been getting back into makeup this past month, so I'm excited to finally have some favorite products to share :)

I'd love to know if you'd like to see posts like this every month :)

I filmed a video talking about all the favorite products, so you can watch that too, if you'd like:
There's a blog post for the look I'm wearing in the video right here

 1: Make Up Store Magazines
Sure, this might be a bit of a weird "favorite product" but I thought it deserved to be featured anyway! I just got the latest issue of the Make Up Store M Magazine this minth, and it's super inspiring as always!
I only wish they'd do them twice a month instead of twice a year! ;)

You can find an online version of the Make Up Store Magazine right here.

2: Colored mascara
I got my hands on blue, purple and green mascara when the MAC Wonder Woman collection came out, and I love them!
Colored mascara is awesome for adding a little color to a quick, neutral look but they also add a nice touch to colorful looks.
I don't think they're as dramatic as black mascara, but they're definitely fun!
Out of the three colored MAC mascaras, I'd say that the green one is the most fun and the purple is the most neutral.

3: Make Up Store "Hectic" eyedust

I've been using a lot of greens lately - probably because I love how green makeup looks with red hair!
My newest favorite green shadow is this one by Make Up Store.
I think I've complaned about the packaging of the eyedusts before, so I won't do that again here... Okay, I'll complain a little... I CAN'T SEE THE COLOR WHEN IT'S CLOSED AND IT'S HARD TO OPEN!!! Okay, I'm done -.-
But the color! Ohhh, the color <3
I used this in a tutorial last week, so check the look out here if you haven't seen it :)

4: Purple lips <3
Just like my recent love for green eyeshadows, my new obsession with purple lip products came with the red hair.
Again, I just really, really love the contrast!

The two products I've been using the most have definitely been Katricia Lip Tar from OCC and Violetta lipstick from MAC PRO. Yum!

5: MAC Cremeblend Blushes
I only have Tea Petal out of the 6 new Cremeblend Blushes from MAC, but I'm basically in love with the formula of these!
I can honestly say that I didn't expect to like this color on me, but I'm happy to say that I was wrong!
Since they're super easy to blend, it's easy to apply a sheer layer if you don't want too much color, but the colors are definitely very buildable as well, which I think makes them great to use on all different skin tones!
My favorite brush to use with these is a duo fiber brush like the MAC #188, since the synthetic fibers prevents the brush from "soaking" up too much of the creamy product, while the natural hair help blend the product.

6: MAC Beet Lip Liner
Beet is amazing for the brows if your hair is the same color as mine. That's pretty much all I have to say.

I like to apply a small amount of the liner on my brow and smooth it out with an angled brush like the MAC #266 - sometimes I'll even use MAC Breezy blush on top.

7: Revlon colorstay foundation + Benefit Moon Beam
Long lasting, super matte foundation with great coverage + glowing liquid highlighter = glowing, long lasting foundation with great coverage!
Just mix in some Benefit High Beam with your matte foudation ala MAC Studio Fix Fluid or Revlon Colorstay, and that's exactly what you'll get!
Isn't that what everyone wants?!

Obviously, it isn't what everyone wants. It isn't even what I want every day. But it sure does look great!!

Only downside is that I'd use the Moon Beam up pretty quickly if I used it in my foundation every single day...

I can't help it. I'm loving crackle polishes. Like everyone else, basically...

As sad as I was when the Crackle polishes from China Glaze sold out online before I got a chance to buy them, just as happy was I when I found these little Depend crackle polishes in a store yesterday! I'm quite happy with the OPI Black Shatter as well, but I can't help but feel a bit cheated, since I bought it for full retail price here in Denmark. I won't even talk about how much that is -.-

I can't really decide if it's cheating to include products that I just bought in a monthly favorites post. But hey, that's how much I'm on love with these, so I'll do it!

I featured the four Depend Cracked Effect polishes in this post yesterday, if you want to read more about them.

9: Affinage Hotshotz in Red Chilli
I got this from a friend of mine who's a hair stylist, and this product has pretty much saved my red hair!
I put this in my hair about once a week when I'm in the shower and it does such a great job at brightening up my red hair!
The first time I dyed my hair red after having it super light blonde, the color turned into an ugly faded pink in about a week. Okay, maybe two weeks, and I do realize that it had a lot to do with me putting red dye in bleached hair - but it faded really fast nonetheless ;)
Since I started using this, I've only had to dye my hair because of visible roots and not because of fading!

And that'll be the end of my first "Favortes of the month"-post in what seems like forever!
Once again, I'd love to know if you care to read posts like this, if you just like to watch the video, or if you don't care about any of the two.
 Hope you'll have an awesomeazing weekend :D


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