Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blogging, how I've missed thee!

I'd like to start with a statement: I love blogging.

And now that my exams are over, and I'm looking to spend my time doing exactly what I want instead of thinking about deadlines and grades all the time, I might actually have some time for the blogging world again!

I want blogging to be fun!

I don't really make money off of it and my blog isn't nearly as professional looking as so many others out there. But I love it anyway. Blogging is a source of inspiration to me, and I'd like to keep it going. I hate thinking back at the past year and realizing that I haven't done nearly as much makeup as I'd have liked and definitely haven't posted as much either.

However, since I can't change that, I'll try my best to keep up with the blog for the summer - and hopefully long after that as well, but let's face it - I shouldn't promise anything. I hate starting every post with "sorry I haven't posted, but I've been busy" and lame excuses like that.


the point of this post really wasn't to ramble on and on, but to share some random FOTDs I've done the past couple of months but never got around to posting.

I'm not entirely sure what I used in them, but I figured it was something to share :)


I have absolutely no idea what this lip color is, which drives me nuts since I really want to wear it. Right now!




I used:

Honestly don't remember most of it, but I know that the eyeliner is a black gel liner with a mix of MAC Antique Gold glitter and MAC Eyeliner mixing medium (both PRO products) on top.


I used:

Don't remember all of it, but I know that the purples on the eyes are:

MAC Digit eyeshadow

MAC Beautiful Iris eyeshadow

MAC Parfait Amour eyeshadow

MAC Fig. 1 eyeshadow

I'm also pretty sure that I have MAC Please Me lipstick on the lips.

Thanks for sticking around <3


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