Sunday, January 31, 2016

Signature look?

I love doing lots of different looks, but if I should pick one "signature look" it would be a simple look with bold colors.
Actually really easy but really eye catching at the same time.

Do you have a type of look that you do a lot? :)

Keep reading to see more pictures and list of products used :)

Oh, hello LINES IN MY FOREHEAD?!? What. The. F***?!
Nahh, I'm cool. It's good. I'm okay with it....

Up close and personal. It's all good. Imperfect skin and all ;)

Products used:

MAC 24 hour extended eye base
MAC A Natural Flirt eyeshadow (lid)
MAC Samoa Silk eyeshadow (upper crease. Discontinued)
MAC Orange eyeshadow (crease. Discontinued)
MAC Brulé eyeshadow (highlight)
MAC Chlorafill eyeliner (waterline. Limited edition)
MAC Recollection liquid lipstick (eyeliner. Not recommended for eye area)
W7 lashes. Can't find a number on it.

MAC Natural Radiance primer
Tom Ford Traceless perfecting foundation 001Cream (Color is a liiiiiiittle bit dark on me, but I love the finish!)

MAC Prim and Proper blush (Old limited edition)
Estée Lauder Modern Mercury highlighter (Limited edition)

MAC Cool & Cute huggable glass (limited edition)


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