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MAC S/S Trend: Pop Classic

This post is pretty much the most productive thing I've done all weekend. But I have enjoyed some time off and feel just a little bit more ready to get started with the super busy week I have ahead of me.
Hope you all had a great weekend as well :)

Anyways, here goes the first post about the MAC Spring and Summer trends for 2011!

Spring just kinda went by a little too fast, but at least the post is in time for summer! ;)

"Classic shapes, uber saturated colour"

I've never been very good at saving the best things for last, and this is no exception - the Pop Classic trend is definitely my favorite out of the four MAC Trends for summer.

It's all about the one thing I love the most about makeup: Color!

OK, it's not just about color. It's about taking those super classy makeup looks like the bold, defined lip or the precise winged liner and giving them an edge by using unusual colors to do it - often by using blocks of color.

Think yellow eyeliner, neon pink, orange or green lips, blue smokey eyes and little mascara, if any at all.

Making it wearable
Even though you can do some pretty bold statement looks inspired by this trend, I actually find it quite wearable if you want to try color.
It's extremely easy to do, since you don't need loads of different products and shades - it's all about minimum product with maximum impact.

Oh, and we all know how less product = less time applying, so it's really super fast to do as well!

If the green lips scare you off, here's a couple of tips to help you try the trend without doing something too extreme:
  • Less is (sometimes) more. Definitely not something you'll hear me say very often, but it's very true in this case. If you're worried about those bright colors, just use a little at a time! :)
  • Don't start off with the green lips. Sure, this is very obvious to some, but you need to remember that the trends can be used as inspiration and that you don't necessarily need to copy everything about a specific look.
  • Smudging a bit of a bright eyeshadow on your bottom lashline while using neutral colors on the rest of the face will make the bright color stand out without being super overpowering.
  • Focus on one feature. Choose bright lips, bright liner, bright mascara or bright eyeshadow - that way it won't be "too much".
  • Tone down the trend but amp up your usual makeup. Sure, I can definitely understand why green and blue lips aren't for everyone! But why not use the bright lip trend as an excuse to try that bright pink that you don't usually go for? Or maybe something a little more on the purple side?

MAC suggests
  • MAC Gloss
  • Magenta lip pencil
  • Hibiscus lipstick (Surf, Baby!)
  • Chrome Yellow eyeshadow
  • #316 lip brush
  • Process Magenta chromagraphic pencil (PRO)
  • Magenta Madness pigment
  • Morange lipstick
  • Lady Danger lipstick
  • Sushi Flower eyeshadow
  • Blue Noon powerpoint eye pencil (Surf, Baby!)
  • Waveline fluidline
  • Blue Charge zoom lash mascara (Flighty)
  • Green is Green zoom lash mascara (Flighty)

I suggest
  • Colored mascara. It can make a super neutral look a little bit more fun while still keeping everything very wearable - especially if you just choose a dark blue or a plum.
    The only colored mascaras I've ever tried are the MAC ones that came out with Wonder Woman as well as a blue one from Rimmel, which you'll see me use in the tutorial for this trend.
  • Bright eyeshadows. I love Ben Nye, MAC, Sugarpill, Makeup Forever, Fyrinnae and lots of other brands for bright eyeshadows. Just pick a fun shade that you love :D I find green and purple to be good colors to start with if you want something bright but also quite easy to get away with.
  • Loose shadows. No matter if they're called pigments, effect powders, loose shadows or anything else, those bright, loose colors are great for this trend because of how easy they are to use wherever you want! Use them wet as an intense eyeshadow or liner, use a light dusting on the cheeks, mix them in with a lip gloss or do something completely different if you want :)
  • Lip tars! Well, any bright lipsticks or glosses will do just fine, but the Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are simply amazing if you want to experiment with colors!
  • Gloss. Since this trend is so much about blocks of color, it can be hard to create depth and dimention in the makeup without adding texture to it. And what's better for adding texture than gloss? :) You could also try different glitters, cream color bases and liquid highlighters :)
  • Classy, bright lipsticks. Colors like MAC Morange, Lady Danger and Violetta are amazing if you want to venture into the world of bold, bright lips without doing something completely unheard of ;)
Color inspiration
I took a few swatch pictures to show you some of the products I'd suggest for the trend, but also just to give you an idea of some colors and textures you could use :)

Bright lip products
 From left to right: OCC RX Lip tar, OCC RX and Traffic lip tars mixed, OCC Traffic lip tar, OCC Anime lip tar, MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, MAC Morange lipstick and MAC Violetta lipstick

Bright eyeshadows
 From left to right: GOSH Cyanic effect powder, Urban Decay Graffiti eyeshadow, Ben Nye Tangerine eyeshadow, MAC Process Magenta pigment, Makeup Forever #92 eyeshadow, Fyrinnae Electric Stardust, Sugarpill Royal Sugar

Same colors as above.

Bright pencils!
 Makeup Store Tropical eye pencil, GOSH Purple Stain eye pencil, Urban Decay Flipside 24/7 pencil, MAC Minted eye kohl, MAC Cherry lip pencil, Makeup Store Purple Attraction lip pencil, MAC Magenta lip pencil

Mooooore bright liners :)
GOSH #12 extreme art eyeliner, GOSH #10 extreme art eyeliner, MAC Aqualine liquidlast liner, MAC Process Magenta chromaline, MAC Genuine Orange chromaline, MAC Primary Yellow chromaline

Coming up: Tutorial


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