Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Christmas look - this one includes a tutorial! ;)

I really wanted to do a tutorial for a Christmas-y look, but I didn't want to do the same as the other look I posted, so this is what I came up with :)
It looks a more autumn-y than Christmas-y though... Fail ;)

I used:

ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MEHRON gold from the Metallic aquacolor palette
MAC Goldmine e/s
MAC Brulé e/s
MAC Charcoal Brown e/s
GOSH Fox effect powder
UD Gash liquid liner
UD Honey 24/7 liner
MAC Tarish eye kohl
MAC Humid e/s
HOT makeup green glitter w/ MAC eyeliner mixing medium (PRO)
MAC Fibre Rich Lash


GOSH Fox effect powder
MAC By Candlelight MSF

MAC Viva Glam V lipstick
Wet 'n Wild gloss


Deborah Jones said...
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Anonymous said...


Lipstick Rules said...

Amazing!! I love the look.

liloo said...

I'm in love with the red liner!!!
This look is quiet similar to another one that you did before, and I love it... thx for shering your creativity ;)

Anonymous said...

I need to pick up a red liner!

Zoffe said...

Thank you all so so much! :)
Your comments really mean a lot :)

And yes, Crystal! You NEED a red liner! :P I really love the different effect red liner can give :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! It looks quite fall-y but very Christmassy at the same time. I like it!
Hey, sorry I seem like a stalker, but I enjoy commenting =)

Ever Loved said...

Amazing!! I loved it
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