Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Greens!

I took these pictures yesterday but didn't have time to post them until, so here they are! ;)

It was snowing outside and I was going Christmas shopping so I figured I'd do a Christmas-inspired makeup look :D

Aaaand, a studip picture of me, but it shows the nail polish! ;)

I used:
ArtDeco eyeshadow base
MAC Humid e/s
MAC Emerald Green pigment (PRO)
MAC Bottle Green e/s
MAC Vanilla e/s
GOSH extreme art eyeliner (the green one)
GOSH Woody Green velvet touch eyeliner
UD Honey 24/7 liner
MAC Gold glitter mixed with MAC Eyeliner mixing medium (both PRO)
MAC Fibre Rich lash

MAC Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder

MAC Eversun BPB (LE)
MAC By Candlelight MSF (LE w/ Warm & Cozy '09-'10)

MAC Viva Glam IV mixed with lip conditioner
MAC Fulfilled p/g

China Glaze Thunderbird

Oh, and look at the view from my window :D

PS... I'm writing the first review in the MAC Mascara series! It should be up today! :)


xphoebelinax said...

the greens are so amazingly vibrant! i swear mac's humid don't look like that on me! :P beautiful look hun :)

the view from your window is so beautiful! i am in awe and i'm totally jealous because i've never seen snow before! :P

abbzzw said...

I've gone for christmas greens and deep red nails too :D

You shadow looks incredible, love it :D x

Fintia said...

I got a question for you. I recently bought the MAC Fun in the sun kit. I was very excited with it. I tried on Nuance Mineralize blush with Shimpagne MSF and I loved Nuance but the MSF in Shimpagne not that much I looked instead of having a glow, looking oily and the MSF enhanced my pores. I have the issue that my pores around my cheeks are noticeable I did not like it and sold the MSF on ebay. My question is are all MSF's very shiny?
Can they be used as a blush? or are they meant more for higlighting? I would like to give them a second chance hehe have a great day ;-)

liloo said...

gorgeous as usual, thx bee ;)

Zoffe said...

xphoebelinax - I guess the combination of different greens made Humid look more vibrant than it is on it's own. It's not exactly amazing by itself on me either :P I do love the color though :)
We don't get snow here very often so I get super excited when we do!
I can't imagine never having seen it though :o

abbzzw - Did you take pictures of your makeup look? :D And thank you! :)

Fintia - The amount of glitter and shine differs A LOT in the different MSFs. They all have some amount of glitter to them though. Depending on the color you get, some work best for highlighters, some work as blush, and some are more like bronzers. I usually don't like the ones that are too glittery, but I love the ones that gives shine :)
I think By Candlelight gives a very nice glow. It doesn't really have any glitter chunks in it and is not extremely shiny compared to other MSFs :)

liloo - Thank you so much! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the gold glitter detail, it just adds a beautiful sparkle to the look!


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