Thursday, June 17, 2010

Haul: ORLY, Color Club and China Glaze!

  • ORLY Luxe: Really cool, shimmery metallic gold. I'd say it has a little bit of silver in it as well. Can't wait to show you pictures wearing this :D
  • Color Club Wild at Heart: I wouldn't call this a holographic polish, but it does have some extremely cool-looking shimmer in it! It's such a pretty purple shade!
  • Color Club Volt of Light: Amazing neon yellow! It has a bit of a green sheen to it which looks really cool. The color is a bit sheer but it applies nice and evenly - unlike so many other neons.
    Since it's sheer, it works well for layering on top of other things too. I tried it on top of a green and it looked awesome!
  • Color Club Rebel Debutante: This looks soooo different IRL than it did on the different pictures I've seen of it online. It's much more of a true green than the pale neon green I've seen.
    I still think the color is great though! 
  • Color Club Ultra Violet: This kind of reminds me of MAC Stars n Rockets eyeshadow or Pink Pearl pigment in nail polish form. It's definitely not an exact dupe, but the effect is a lot like the MAC products :)
    It's a pink-ish purple with a blue-purple duochrome effect!
  • China Glaze Techno: Yayy, glitter! :D This polish is a mix of different sized silver glitters that look great on top of whatever you choose to use under it! ;)
    I think it's a bit sheer to wear by itself, but it's cool on top of other things :D


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