Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inglot swatches!

I mentioned these shadows when I got them a few weeks ago and finally had time to put up the swatches now! :)

Inglot is a Polish brand, and it's not really that easy to find information about it online. They don't seem to have an online store or anything like that.
As far as I know, there's only one Inglot store in the US (in New York) and I've heard that there's one in London as well, so I plan on checking that out when I go next week! That's right! I'm going to London :D

Loose shadows

 From left to right:
  • #35
  • #86
  • #85
  • #56
Pressed shadows
From left to right:
  • #74
  • Pearl 415

I'm super excited about the Inglot products that I got!
The colors are really unique and super gorgeous :)
One negative thing would be the packaging though. It seems kinda cheap and the box for the lashes is actually a bit too small so the outer part of the lashes is shaped a little weird :/
I also really, really wish that the products would have had names instead of just numbers! But I'm weird like that :P

The lashes in the first picture are really cool but they don't seem to have a name on them or anything :/


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