Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Organizing 3 drawers of MAC!

I guess this isn't your standard organizing post ;)

It's a post filled with MAC To The Beach porn!

MAC To The Beach blushes, bronzers and creme bronzers
I just organized 3 drawers full of To The Beach stuff at the counter today!
We're still missing the body oil and Thrills lipstick so I hope we get it before the collection releases here on the 15th.
Yeah, I know... We're super late here! As always.

MAC To The Beach eyeshadows, highlight powders, lustre drops and eyeliners
MAC To The Beach lipsticks, lipglasses, lip pencils and brushes

And because I don't think you're sick of the little seahorse yet ;)
MAC Marine Life highlight powder

Oh, and on a completely different note...
I got a new camera! :D
Try clicking on the pictures to see the full size!
I still need to play around with the settings and stuff, but I *love* the camera so far!


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