Monday, May 31, 2010

Great things come wrapped in panda paper!

Are you tired of seeing Fyrinnae hauls yet? ;)

Few things excite me more than getting new makeup ;)

I ordered all of this on May 16th(a Sunday), and it shipped on May 24th(a monday). It said on the website to expect 12-18 business days for the order to process, so Fyrinnae worked faster than I expected once again :)

For this order, I decided that I needed all of Fyrinnae's "brightest" colors!
...And a couple of other ones as well.

Click on picture to view full size

First row:
  • Bali Mynah: "Brilliant turquoise, shimmering and smooth"
  • Leif: "Leif. Green. Ha ha, hilarious. :p Brilliant shimmery green with pale copper sparkle"
  • Looking Glass: "Soft, nearly matte sky shade, leaning towards turquoise. Slight satin finish"
  • Javan Rhino: "Vibrant turquoise with a lavender-pink highlight"
  • Nonsense!: "Crisp lime, nearly-matte. Soft, blendable, and not quite as bright as our other chartreuse shades"
Second row:
  • Chesire Cat Grin: "Bright, striking royal filled with blue sparkle"
  • Curiouser and Curiouser: "The sparkly, bouncier cousin of Digital Faerie, this blue-aqua shade is filled with blue and turquoise sparkles and shimmer"
  • Blue Whale: "Somewhere between cornflower blue and periwinkle with a fun pink-purple sparkly highlight"
  • Vanir: "A striking, brilliant royal blue filled with silver sparkle"
  • Sleepy Hollow: "Lush ocean blue with a flash of sage green as the light hits, Sleepy Hollow has a touch of gold sparkle as well"
Third row:
  • Party Crasher: "Bright cool pink (no dyes!) filled with silver sparkle"
  • Sennyo: "Vibrant, shimmery, sparkling pink-hued purple"
  • Kitten In Heels: "A bright fuschia with violet and blue shimmer"
  • Kamikaze: "By request, a bright fire-engine sparkly red"
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat: "A mauve-sort of shade, packed with pink sparkle, shimmer, and and a hint of blue sparkle for good measure. Somewhat pink, somewhat lavender, and very sparkly."
Fourth row:
  • Candy Coated: "Vibrant, sexy deep red (no dyes!) with a nice balance of shimmer and sparkle"
  • Electro-Koi: "Vibrant orange that's loaded with coordinating sparkle"
  • Treacle-Well: "A vibrant, nearly-matte orange leaning toward yellow rather than red"
  • Banana Mochi: "Softly shimmery, almost frosted light golden yellow"
  • Velociraptor: "Shimmery yellow chartreuse with a golden sheen"
Fifth row:
  • Christmas Three: "Is your Christmas tree green? Oh. Ours isn't.
    Very sparkly vibrant mauve-pink. Not quite as bright as Kitten In Heels, but much more sparkly!"
  • Glow Blush: Mesmerize: "Medium berry shade with no brown tones"
  • Glow Blush: Seduce: "Lilac shade that can be rubbed down to a rosy-mauve if desired. Very slight sheen."

Lip Lustres:

  • Romantique: "Romantique is a semi-sheer soft warm pink with gold shimmer, similar to our "Rapunzel" eye shadow"
  • Devil Horns: "This shade is a warm coral-pink with a brighter pink shimmer, which changes to a sizzling coppery-coral shade as it gets close to light. In low light (a few candles, sconce, ?) the effect tends to show up even more"
  • Candy Decadence: "Looks quite green/teal, or rather forest green on purple in most light, but changes to a deep shimmering plum with pink shimmer at different angles and closer to light, or in sunlight. Looks good layered or alone especially on deeper skintones"

And as if all the pretty colors weren't enough, this little note on my invoice made me really happy as well :)


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