Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Huge MAC "haul"!

An(other) long overdue post!

This post is about all the amazing new products I got at Update last week!
I wanted to post about everything earlier but just haven't had the time.
Blogging would be so much easier if I didn't have a job (or two) I had to take care of too, haha ;)

I'm going to post pictures of everything I got from the new collections as well as sharing my thoughts on everything.
The only collection that isn't out in the US yet is the To The Beach collection, but I did get things from Prep for Colour, Liberty of London and Pret-a-Papier as well :)

When getting gratis like this, we don't get to choose any of the products ourselves, so sometimes I'm lucky and get the products that I actually wanted to buy from a certain collection, and sometimes I get products that I already have - but it's all good, haha :)
Also, I've said it before but I'll say it again: No, we don't get this many products everytime something new comes out! This is pretty unusual, so I'm extremely excited! ;)

Let's start out with the old collections and work the way to the new things!

Liberty of London
  • Shell Pearl beauty powder - I love this! Such an easy way to give skin a gorgeous glow without it being glittery! I really like how it works lots of different skin tones too.
  • Parennial High Style lipglass - This is such a pretty color for spring and summer! It's coral, but it has quite a bit of pink in it as well so it doesn't look to bright and is quite easy to wear :) Really great if you're not used to bright lips but still want something with a bit more color for spring!
  • Ever Hip lipstick - I actually wore this in a FOTD here :) Another great, but more subtle way to wear color. I quite like it! Really gorgeous coral :)
  • Free To Be eyeshadow - I actually just bought this myself (in pan form) since I didn't know I would get it, haha! I haven't used it yet, but I've played around with it at the counter, and it seems like a fun colour.
  • Prim & Proper blush - Not the most exciting color, but I think it's really pretty anyway! It's a satin blush, so it doesn't have any glitter in it - just a slight sheen. The texture is just great!
Besides the things I got here, I also bought Petals & Peacocks lipstick and Birds & Berries eyeshadow myself, but I posted about that earlier :)

Prep for Colour
  • Skin brightening serum - To be honest, I haven't even used this yet :/ Only on my hand. While it felt nice, I'm not really sure what difference it would make to the skin on my face. I guess I'll have to try it out to find out, haha!
    I feel like this is the MAC product that I know the least about right now... I don't remember anything from training about it... I'll have to read up on it. I really will!

  • Kraft lipstick - A basic brown lipstick. It's Amplified Creme texture(which is my favorite!), so it's quite pigmented and doesn't have any glitter or frost to it. It's not a color I'd buy myself, so I don't really have anything else like it. I'll push myself to use it in a FOTD and make it work for me! ;)
  • Coral Crepe paint pot - This is quite an interesting color! It's a very different color from the other paint pots, and while it's not really bright coral, I still think it works well as a base under coral tones. It looks amazing as a base underneath Firecracker eyeshadow from To The Beach!
  • Gazette Grey eyeshadow - This shadow is just gorgeous! My only problem with it is the texture. It's one of those colors that you have to use in a quite opaque layer to get it to work. I tried using just a little in my crease, but I really had to work hard to get an even application that way. I prefer to use this all over my lid with a darker color in the crease :)
  • Prêt-à-Papier lipglass - While I actually love the color of this in the tube, it's not a color I'd usually go for myself, and I haven't even tried it on yet! I'm looking forward to trying it though. It's always fun to try something I normally wouldn't :D
Overall, I think Prêt-à-papier is a quite nice collection, but since it doesn't involve any bright or crazy colors, it doesn't excite me too much ;)
    To The Beach
    • Float On By eye kohl - This is actually my favorite product in the collection! It's so smooth and pigmented and the color is just gorgeous! I'm soooo glad I got this :D Can't wait to do FOTDs with it!
    • Easy Lounger lipglass - Shimmery baby-pink. Nice color, but for someone like me who has a ton of lip products already I'm not sure if it's a must-have. It does look quite nice on top of the Lazy Day lipstick though :)
    • Lazy Day lipstick - Pretty blue-based pink, which is another thing I don't usually do on myself, haha!
    • Firecracker eyeshadow - At first I found this very similar to Hot, Hot, Hot eyeshadow from the Spring Colour Forecast collection, but I did a comparison swatch, and they're actually pretty different! I'm definitely glad I have both!!
    • Beach Bronze creme bronzer - I use bronzer very, very rarely, but this is so super easy to blend and makes my skin glow! I'm still not a huge fan of the sunkissed look on myself, but I'm sure I'll use this anyway, haha!
    • Pink Rebel lustredrops - I actually have another one of this from last year's Style Warrior collection, when I bought it myself. Since I don't use bronzer a lot, I really like this for when I want a more glowy look without really looking darker than I actually am ;) I also like that it has some pink in it, so if you're pale like me, it can act as a blush too.
    • To The Beach bronze body oil - If anything else, get this just to look at it, haha! It's soooo pretty and sparkly in the bottle! The glitters don't look too glittery when the oil is actually applied though! The oil feels amazing on the skin and gives your skin a nice glow without acting like a self tanning product - you don't really get a tan from using it!
      I'm sure it'd accentuate tan skin beautifully though so it's a great product for summer!
    Besides the things I have here, I'm really looking forward to the lip pencils coming out with this collection as well as the High-Light powder! I'm not sure if I'll get a High-Light powder myself though. I want makeup I'd actually use, and I'm not sure if I could bring myself to use a powder with such a pretty sea horse on it, haha!
    Oh, and also! Hipness blush is coming back, and I'm pretty sure I need it this time, haha :)

    Final thoughts
    I definitely think that all of these collections have something to offer, and I'm really looking forward to the other collections coming out over the summer as well! :)

    Even though I always try to do as many different looks as possible, there are some things I do very rarely.
    Kraft lipstick, Prêt-à-papier lipglass, Lazy Day lipglass and the creme bronzer are all things that I wouldn't usually buy myself but they're so fun to have since they can push me to wear some of those things I normaly wouldn't! :)

    Comment time!
    • Did you get product from any of these collections?
    • Or are you planning to?
    • What are your thoughts on the upcoming MAC collections?
    If you have any specific ideas for looks or tutorials with any of these products, please let me know :)
    For requests, the easiest way is to e-mail me at makeup@zoffe.dk :)
      Definitely let me know if you want to see more in-dept posts on any of the products here :)


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