Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Firecracker vs. Hot, Hot, Hot!

That title probably doesn't make any sense unless you know it's the names of two MAC eyeshadows ;)

Hot, Hot, Hot came out with the Spring Colour Forecast collection earlier this year and Firecracker is being released with the To The Beach collection on May 27th (US launch date).

They do look a bit alike, so I thought I'd do a comparison swatch to show you that they are, in fact, different enough to have both ;) At least if you're like me, and love colors like these, haha!

Firecracker on the left. Hot, Hot, Hot on the right.

In the pan, Firecracker looks quite pink compared to Hot, Hot, Hot

Since Firecracker is a Veluxe Pearl shadow and Hot, Hot, Hot is a Satin, the textures are different and Firecracker is a bit smoother and has more of a sheen/pearly finish to it.

Hot, Hot, Hot on the left. Firecracker on the right.
Just to confuse you ;)

I'm sorry about the blurry picture! I normally wouldn't post pictures like this, but it was getting dark outside so this was the best I could get without flash ;)
And the colors look pretty accurate to me, so I think it works.

Hot, Hot, Hot is much more red than Firecracker, and Firecracker has much more orange in it.

The verdict?
They're definitely different enough that you can easily tell them apart!
Do you need both? As with anything else, it depends on how much you like the colors.
I adore colors like these, so I'm really happy to have both.
I can't really tell you which one I like better, since I think they're both really pretty - they're just different :)


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